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Thursday, September 25, 2008


Official disclaimer: I will attempt to quote a few bloggers and commentators, but, due to my advanced stage of tiredness and the general "cholant" condition of my brain, I do not always remember who said what; for this, my apologies in advance.

In college, during one of the education courses, we were exchanging ideas as to how to make kids remember that every fourth year is a leap year. For some unfathomable reason, I suggested the following solution: presidential elections happen every leap year. The professor liked my idea; plus she deadpanned something to the tune that that explains why we end up with what we end up. Since we are in the leap year again, ergo another presidential election, I felt like musing on the subject a bit (and to borrow the headline from my beloved mainstream TV).

Everyone who knows me can vouch for the fact that I am "passionate" about politics. Deep sigh. The truth is, I would rather discuss Harry Potter or Madeline Hunter till your ears wilt and your eyelids droop, than discuss politics. I am way more passionate about my reading material than I am about politics. Being interested in politics and familiar with the issues is a developed self-defense. As I mentioned many times before, for people who have a life, especially a family life, political concerns are not a priority at all. Unfortunately, such lax attitude allowed a small, but extremely loud and malevolent group the almost total destruction of our educational system, passage of draconian laws that are destroying our economy, demoralization of our troupes, and the eventual loss of the war that we actually could have won and that eventually resulted in another country succumbing to the Communist miasma with horrible genocide to follow. And that is just a tip of the iceberg; so, with all due respect, if you care about your children, you have to be concerned about politics, as boring, frustrating, or distasteful the subject may be; which brings me to my next argument.

One of my good friends recently confessed to me her severe disappointment with our political scene. Two party system is not working well at all, one candidate is worse than the other, everyone is corrupted to the extreme and long ago bought up by one lobby or the other, we did not have a decent president in about twenty years, people vote against someone rather than for someone, we are in a protracted war the reasons for which American public was not really informed. Couple of times, when I quoted from a political non-fiction book something that sort of made sense to me, her reply was that she does not really believe in it, since the person who wrote is was probably paid to write this anyway, and is just pursuing his or her agenda. Welcome to the murky, bottom feeding world of politics!

In my humble estimation, there are three basic ways of government: totalitarian, monarchy, and democracy. There are, of course, the variations on these themes, but the basics are limited to these options. I have spent seventeen years, six months, twenty one days, and a few hours (plus the usual gestation period before birth) under the totalitarian regime. All I can say in order to describe this paradise on earth is to use an old cliché about not wishing it on your worst enemy. A person living under a monarch could get lucky if the above mentioned monarch actually cares about his or her county and the people more than he or she cares about the fanfare and the prestige. None the less, the decent existence under a monarchy is basically a matter of chance (or rather Divine Providence). Only in a democracy does a person have a chance (albeit a relatively small one) to choose his or her governing body. This brings me to my next point.

Recently I got re-introduced to the famous quote by Lord Acton. Ironically, it happened while yours truly and a harassed lady from accounting were discussing the latest antiques of the big boss. I, being a nerd, quoted Acton. "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men." That, in a nutshell, describes the entire political arena under any kind of government, even a democratic one. They all pursue their agenda; the question is: which agenda makes your live easier? If you get a choice, you usually choose the lesser of two evils, because politicians tend to be pretty evil by default. In my estimation, the last time the majority of the Americans voted for someone as opposed to against someone was in 1984; which brings us to the claim of twenty years of bad Presidents.

In my opinion, what he had was this: eight years of a horrendous President, four years of the President who could have done better, and almost eight years of the President who should have known better. For some unexplainable reason, Clinton is remembered by some as wonderful President who "had feelings for the little guy" and brought prosperity to the nation, and by others simply as uncontrollable Don Juan, but over wise pretty harmless. Ha! His uncontrollable tomcatting was actually the least of his problems; we are still paying for all his other "wonderful" acts; unfortunately, the full extent of the damage that he had inflicted on the country is yet to be uncovered. Bush Senior should not have done one thing (raise taxes like he promised), and should have done two: finish Saddam Hussein when he had a chance, and manage his re-election campaign better.

As for Bush Junior... His blunders may be many, and he was definitely "soft" a lot of times when he should have been firm, but his main mistake was in forgetting two simple facts: do not feed a crocodile because he will definitely bite off the feeding hand and do not expose your jugular to the jackals; because, let's face it, The Treason Lobby, oops, the present day Democratic Party plus the main media, which long ago prostituted themselves to the noble causes of America-hating, socialism, communism, and multiculturalism, definitely resembles both animals. One of my favorite political commentators rightly pointed out that if you look at the current President objectively, you see a decent man who was never involved in any major scandal, be it personal or political; he was faced with a tremendous challenge after 9/11, and was able to keep the county safe from another attack for the past seven years; but the media succeeded in making him into a blundering, helpless, pitiful idiot. Again, I am not blind to his mistakes; but the biggest one was trying to bend backwards and forwards in order to "breach the gulf with the other side"; all it got him were too many times in the L-formation, for the better kick from the benevolent "other side".

This brings me to my next argument: my voting Republican. Another one of my good friends pointed out recently that you cannot really be affiliated blindly with one party; you have to objectively look at each candidate and make an informed decision. Logical sentiment, aside from one small detail: the last two decent people in the government who had a letter D behind their names were Charlie Wilson and David Moynihan. That's it; for the description of the modern Democratic Party please see above. Last, but not the least, I vote for the Republican, as opposed to independent candidate, again due to the acquired cynicism: I would like the lesser of the two evils to actually win.

OK, introduction is over; now, let's concentrate on "Decision 2008". Personal confession: McCain was not my first, second, or even third choice. Like a true New Yorker, I was rooting for Giuliani; my other choices included Huckabee or Romney; but, once McCain won the official party nomination, he was my candidate of choice, because, as Burt Prelutsky pointed out, he personally will vote for any candidate with an R after his or her name, because, no matter their faults, we are guaranteed that they are still humans and not alien pods impersonating humans (meaning the coven with the letter D attached to them). So, somewhere in the middle of the year, we knew that the choice is between McCain, Clinton, and Obama; and the idiocy manifested itself once again. The big debate: is it more important for America to have a first woman President or a first black President? The fact that all we need to do, as always needed to do, is to choose a candidate better qualified for the job, somehow escaped the idiots on the left; never mind the fact that this woman is a woman strictly in the biological sense, and the black guy is only half black. Morons on the right, on the other hand, decided to assume, or rather, continue assuming, the position of outraged innocence, which they first assumed in 2006, surrendering the country to Nancy Pelosi in the bargain.

Their (the righties') reasoning went along two lines. Line one: Republican Party is getting thoroughly corrupt, the conservative principles are abandoned, so, we will not vote at all, thereby teaching Republicans that we are fed up with the lesser of two evils, and that they have to get their act together and return to conservative base. Wonderful, brilliant reasoning! Aside from the slight caveats: re-read the Acton's quote again, ergo politicians are and will remain politicians; and, if you do not vote, your opinion will not matter anymore, and the worse of two evils will prevail. Obviously, lesson not learned, since, immediately after McCain's victory in the primaries, the second line of reasoning emerged: this election is lost for the conservative base; let us begin to concentrate on 2012, where we most probably will emerge victorious, since Democratic candidate will probably win, country will reach a low point at the end of these four years, and the true conservative will emerge as the next strong President, rectifying whatever blunders were committed in the past four years. As Burt Prelutsky wonderfully summarized this, it is like wishing a lung cancer on the loved one, so he will quit smoking.

Allow me to just add this: as brilliant as Reagan was, he was unable to fix all the "blunders" of the four years of the Carter presidency, the biggest of which is about to threaten us with nukes; Busch Junior, while lacking Reagan's brilliance, has to deal with eight years of Clinton's "blunders", the full extent of which is, unfortunately, yet to come. Plus, as a county, we have already reached the low point, the tragedy of which is worse than all the oil crisis, stock market crashes, and financial meltdowns combined. We have reached it on a sunny, beautiful Tuesday morning seven years ago, when we were attacked on our own soil, by the enemy living amongst us, and using our own passenger airliners. The enemy murdered almost three thousand people, attacked and destroyed our second tallest building; attacked and partially destroyed our army headquarters!; and only brave actions of a handful of patriotic Americans prevented the enemy from reaching their final target, which was either the White House or the Capitol. And we could do nothing. NOTHING!!!!! Merciful Heavenly Father, please protect our country from reaching this or any other low point like this ever again!
And speaking of brilliance, another side note, which concerns my people. For those unfamiliar with our calendar, the Iraq war started in our month of Adar, around Purim. This is the time when we celebrate our miraculous escape from total annihilation and remember our constant battle with Amalek. The fact that the late, unlamented Saddam was a direct descendant of Amalek was never disputed in our learned circles. And, my receding memory lapses notwithstanding, I remember that Adar very clearly. Everyone felt energized: Amalek is being attacked in Adar, which must be a wonderful sigh; promises by hard-core Democratic voters to vote for Busch in gratitude for finally toppling Saddam; and, most importantly, significant shortage of suicide bombers in Israel, since that same Saddam was not available anymore to reward the grieving families with the requisite twenty five thousand ducats, sorry, dollars. Lo and behold, now we have to impeach Busch for starting this war; Saddam was a great guy who kept Iraq in check, ergo provided stability in the region; and my Dad was condescendingly informed that he would not support the war if his son was in the army; to which my Dad, G-d bless him, heatedly replied that he would have enlisted himself, if he was not so old. Go figure!

And speaking of war in Iraq in general terms: again, in my humble opinion, seconded by the opinions of more informed people, not only were we justified in starting this war, we would have already done with it, if not for the stupid idiocy of political correctness. If the army was allowed to do their job the way they see fit, the war would have been over some time ago, and would have cost us less casualties. Pacifists extend considerable efforts in order for this war to turn into second Vietnam; G-d willing, they would fail.

Back to our regular broadcast. Brilliant political scientist Susan Sarandon proclaimed that she is for Obama, and let us see what his position will be. Some time ago Zadornov made a joke to the tune that some politicians take his monologues as a plan of action. Apparently, big wigs at the Democratic Party have adopted the same approach: they would take their official line from their own court jesters: morons and America-haters from Hollywood. So, the official party/media line solidified: we would rather have a first black, rather than first woman. One logical argument was, of course, that Obama was the un-known factor, as opposed to Clinton, whose numerous shenanigans were well known; and the fun began. Hillary Rodham Clinton, so recently darling of the media and the race's favorite horse, so to speak, was submarined by her own party (including, of course, the party's call girls: the media). By the way, as a side note, a little memo to Hilary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and the rest of their coven: ladies, I agree with you to the tune that it is still a men's world; moreover, most men are just insensitive, oblivious jerks. Having said that, let us not exaggerate our accomplishments, because USA is the one country in the world where it is really great to be a woman, the above mentioned clueless guys notwithstanding. If you really want to talk about a woman succeeding in a men's world against all odds, please read something rudimentary about queen Elizabeth (not the current one). Here was one girl who succeeded in the men's world big time (using their arrogance and stupidity in the process); and, she, by the way, really loved her country and her people. She looked at her position as sacred responsibility handed to her by Heavens, and, believe it or not, made tremendous amount of personal sacrifices, in the process turning a crumbling country into a superpower. You, girls, on the other hand, look at politics exclusively in the terms of personal gratification and power hunger, and in the process are trying to turn a superpower into a crumbling country, G-d forbid. So, please do not harp to me about the presence of estrogen and progesterone as necessary ingredients for the candidates I am supposed to vote for.

Anyway, young, charismatic, appealing (although I personally think he is pretty ugly) Barak Hussein Obama emerged as the party's official nominee. In the process of this emergence, some very interesting tidbits of information began to creep up. For me, of course, he was not a choice to begin with, due to the reasons listed above. Plus, even if I took him personally, one thing disturbed me from the beginning: his refusal to wear American flag pin and to acknowledge the pledge of allegiance. Yes, I am not a complete nincompoop, and I recognize the political symbolism, but, none the less, there are certain things you just do not do when you are a US Senator. And then, the big fanfare: dear, wonderful, benevolent pastor Wright. Ironically, here is a personal parallel: my family belonged to the same congregation almost our entire life here, in US, which would just about make it twenty years. For most of these years, to my everlasting shame, I have managed to sleep through our Rabbi's speeches. The speeches are always very informative; I just have a tremendous accumulated sleep dept, which manifests itself at strange times. Despite my untimely naps, I was always aware of our Rabbi's political and religious views. So, Barak, dear friend, please do not tell me that after attending this blasted church for twenty years, being married by this guy, and having him baptize your two daughters, you were unaware of the fact that your pastor was a racist, anti-Semitic, anti-American loony. But that was not, in my eyes, Obama's biggest crime; it's what he decided to do in response to this story breaking out which still makes me want to vomit. This wonderful lover of the poor and downtrodden, this healer of the racial divide decided, oh so subtly, to trash his own grandmother on the national TV! And I am supposed to trust this guy to protect our country, when he cannot even be loyal to the person who raised him?

Then, of course, the more the merrier. His casual reference to the fact that we eat too much meat and keep our houses at 72 degrees, and the rest of the world not being OK with it. Of course, due to the efforts of the green brown shirts, we cannot afford to eat as much meat as we used to, and if they continue in the same vein, comfortable house temperatures will also disappear. But, still, why should we be answerable to the world about what we eat? His cynical reference to the small town people clinging to their racism, guns and religion. His lady fair, Michelle, claiming that this is the first time she is proud of this country: apparently, while she was attending the Ivy League schools on the affirmative action’s quota while screeching about inherent racism of this country, she did feel any kind of pride, or gratitude for that matter. Obama's connections with absolutely unrepentant former Weather Underground terrorists, who started him on his political career; his endorsement by HAMAS leaders; his connections to the convicted Chicago mobster: all this is being blatantly ignored by the crowds of adoring idiots. The list, of course, is much longer. As Sean Hannity recently pointed out, FBI would not be able to hire him after performing a background check.

Two things stuck in my memory about the Democratic convention: Barakopolis and thousands of American flags that were trashed as soon as the cameras were not pointed at them. Very telling. Then came the Republican convention, and the circus started again. First there were the reports of the local police officers raiding the homes of possible protesters and confiscating some very interesting stuff, body waste being the most notable. Forgive me, but how sick do you have to be in order to collect body waste in preparation for a protest? Needless to say, there were no similar reports before the Democratic convention. Then, as you remember, the first day of the convention corresponded with the hurricane. McCain showed humanity and pointed out that there is no place for fanfare when our citizens' lives are threatened. Media took this as Republican attempt to acquit themselves after Katrina. Acquit themselves for what? The act of G-d? The chocolate politicians squandering the money for about ten years instead of repairing the levees? The people ignoring the hurricane warnings and insisting on staying put? For chocolate people looting everywhere, attacking and raping their own chocolate sisters? But, of course, all these things were Republicans' fault, and Katrina was specifically designed against black people. On with the convention. Count me naive, but I love listening to speeches which end with "G-d bless all of you and G-d bless America"; and I know that thousands of American flags were not relegated to the trash heap after the convention. Did I agree with everything McCain said in his speech? Heck, no; but I was touched when he urged people to fight with him for our country.

Speaking of McCain: there were lots of snide remarks made to the tune of him being shot down in Vietnam as his only claim to fame. How many people knew before the convention that he had an opportunity to be set free as a son and grandson of important Navy people and refused it because he did not want to give enemy a chance to make a political spectacle out of him and be released before the people who were captives longer than him? For spoiled American brats, especially of the younger generation, it is all the same: we torture war prisoners, somebody else tortured ours. Yea, right! That, of course, is another long discussion. But try to just imagine, ungrateful brats, almost five more years of inhumane conditions and torture! That act of honour and courage alone shows McCain as a basically decent human being as opposed to his counterpart, who constantly feels it his duty to apologize for America to the rest of the world. Another convention revelation: how many people knew about Bridgett? I dare Michelle Obama to adopt a child of another race who needed lengthy and expensive medical treatment; but somehow I do not see her rushing to this dare, if Barak's own half-brother lives in poverty in Kenya on less than fifteen bucks a year. No, all that Michelle is capable of is donning a dress costing less than two hundred dollars, going on "The View", and there exposing herself again as a racist snob and nouveau riche harpy.

Now, let us briefly touch on the candidates for VP. Just one little fact about Biden: forget about his voting record, especially when it came to the matters pertaining to Israel, or his feet constantly sticking from his mouth, for which media long ago gave him a blank pass. Recently, old Russian dissidents published something very disturbing about Biden, but, since Russian dissidents are no longer in vogue, I doubt a lot of people paid attention to it. Apparently, back in 1979, our dear senator traveled to when USSR as a part of American delegation to discuss certain matters with Brezhnev. Secret memo by an important USSR politician surfaced, claiming Biden's unofficial announcement that USA is willing to ignore the matter of Russian dissidents as long as agreements are reached; that USA does not wish to spoil their relationship over this matter. Nice! And I am supposed to voluntarily put this guy in a position to potentially head this country?

As for Sara Palin, all I can say, aside from the fact that I loved her speech, is that the tremendous hypocrisy of the lefties is more glaring in her case than ever before. Savage media attacks, unbelievable sexism, idiotic nitpicking and investigations into minute and non-existing matters. What really made me laugh was the fact that she supposedly banned Harry Potter books from the public library in 1996. Could you people just check your facts before you lie so blatantly: "Philosopher's stone" was published in 1997! But, of course, Lenin's, Stalin's and Goebbels' mantra works very well: the more shameless the lie, the better is works, as long as you have Chutzpah to lie, well, shamelessly. Another thing that made me chuckle was this whole Jesus-community organizer-Pilate-governor thing. What I really adore in this is when this party of separation of church and state all of a sudden starts using religious similes. Of course, due to their ignorance of the religious matters, they usually come out that much more ridiculous. As for the lipstick thing, her promise was heard loud and clear: I will protect your children as fiercely as I protect mine; Obama, on the other hand, came out really looking like a pig.

Pat Buchanan recently called the media "camp followers". I rarely agree with this esteemed individual, but this time he had really nailed it. Obama was crowned as messiah and demy-god that could do no wrong; any and all criticism of this new deity is automatically shouted down as racism. All his shady connections to past and present terrorists, America and Israel haters, shady dealings and convicted felons are ignored. I mean, the guy stinks more than the yearly accumulation of cow manure after a strong rain, yet to millions and millions of screaming, half fainting morons he smells sweater than roses. "Change we can believe in"; oh, I can definitely believe in it; I just do not want it.

I do not believe in outlawing abortions for the simple reason that anything outlawed automatically creates organized crime around it. But to kill Born Again Act? It would take more than a monster to do that. Try reading some of Jill Stanek's articles; just be warned, they are not for the faint of heart; and then please explain to me how he could have listened to her testimony, killed that law, and then blithely told that those things are above his pay grade; only a heartless monster could do it.

"Spread the wealth"; why should the government rob us of our honestly earned money in order to expand the welfare state? And Barak, at least one time, put your money where your mouth is: how about helping your own bro before "volunteering" the rest of us for the charity of your choosing especially if it is not even in this country? And I still do not know if your charming lady wife finally decided to be proud of this country.

McCain, on the other hand, is a rich white guy, totally disconnected from the people. Of course he is; that was why he, albeit misguidedly, wanted to postpone the first presidential debate in order to return to the Senate and try to deal with the financial crisis. He does not know how many houses he had; sure, that is so horrible. Let me spell it out for you: do you know to the penny how much you have in all of your investment accounts? I personally never know exactly how much I have in my savings account at any given moment, or, for that matter, exactly how many books or Barbie dolls I possess, and, though by the grace of G-d I am not poor, rich I am definitely not. Yes, he is a rich guy; but what he said precisely was that he was not sure; he needed to check up on it. This is his wife's property, not his; gentlemen, do each one of you knew exactly, to the cent, what your wives possessed when you married them? Case closed.

Two more personal notes. One, there is one uneducated housewife who prays daily for the win of the McCain/Palin and the defeat of Obama/Biden. That woman is my mother; and I used that unflattering epithet in stupid sociological terms only, because everyone with a modicum of understanding knows what tremendous talents you need in order to raise four kids. Second: our Rabbi always makes two speeches on Yom Kippur, one in the beginning and one towards the end. This time, amongst other things, he made one simple suggestion: this was always a free country; let us pray that is continues to be so. Needless to say, my prayers go along the same lines.

One of my very dear friends, whom I like and admire very much, for some reason, decided that he supports Obama. Recently he made a joking remark that, while talking to his friends in Moscow, he told them to wait till November 4th; then, either they should come to him here (if Obama wins, G-d forbid from my side), or, if Obama loses, my friend is going to Russia to seek political asylum. Ha! Nothing could be further from the truth! This is the only country in the world where you could truly seek political asylum. And if, G-d forbid, Obama wins, there would be no place to seek political asylum anymore: just look at Jessica Hughes. That woman, a former Marine and a mother of three, had Secret Service show at her door, after she rebuffed an Obama staffer on the phone, telling her that she, Hughes, would not vote for Obama due to his support of the horrific baby-killing laws. Clintons were such babes in just sending IRS after their enemies! That one sends Secret Service right away, simply on the word of one of his volunteers. Paradise on earth!

I am not even going to delve in the current financial upheaval. Clinton's and Congressional Democrats' handiwork somehow, of course, thanks again to the camp followers, ended up being the fault of the Republicans in general and Busch's Administration in particular. The cure for most of our financial woes, as always in my opinion, is pretty simple: enough taxes and government interference. Free market should be free of those first and foremost; then we will bounce back in absolutely no time. But, with all due respect to ordinary people experiencing financial difficulties, please remember one thing: as much or as little as you have in terms of wealth, you cannot really enjoy it if you are not free, or, G-d forbid, dead. As Burt Prelutsky very nicely put it, if Al Qaida levels Empire State Building or Iran drops a nuke, nobody would remember who the heck Paulson or Bernake are or were. That, by the way, is the first and the most important function of the government: the protection of its citizens, and not the free education, free health care, or involuntary wealth redistribution.

Every tyrant, every terrorist, every miscreant, every bastard son of a whoremonger on the international political scene, be he big or small, is waiting with baited breath for Obama to win; then they can move in their final plans for the destruction of the Big (and in the bargain the Small) Satan. And the only people who stand between that tragedy and the United States are an old Vietnam Vet, a young moose hunting mother of five from a little town in Alaska, and every American citizen still in possession of his or her thinking faculties. My friends, this is really no time to impersonate Childe Harold. Get your butts to the voting booths! It does not matter if you live in a swing state or not; every vote counts! You actually have no idea, but you plus five of your world-weary twenty something friends could actually swing the votes! This country is the last remaining bastion of freedom; let it continue to be that way! Not only tyrants, but all the political dissidents, all the freedom fighters around the world look to this country with hope, as yours truly once longingly looked at the now destroyed Twin Towers in her mind, hoping one day to be free. May G-d bless America!


SubWife said...

On the whole government not interfering with business and no taxes and such... How do you see this, practically speaking? E.g. how would you pay for this country's defense force? Or for anything else for that matter.

Barb Chansky said...

"The FairTax Book: Saying Goodbye to the Income Tax and the IRS" - I think these dudes are more eloquent on the topic than I am

SubWife said...

Ok, so this is taxes, I'll take a look at the book, if only for professional reasons. But what about government interference? How do you see this? Government has always been a player, a serious one at that, in the economy of pretty much every civilized country(even if you disregard the issue of taxes). How do you see them not being one or significantly reducing their involvement?

SubWife said...

Just read the basic premise behind FairTax Book. Sounds pretty dumb to me, sorry.

Sally Hazel said...

Sub: sour grapes?

Sally Hazel said...

Barb, I had to print out this post in order to read it... Can something this long be broken down into parts next time please ( for all those with short attention spans)?
One of your best pieces, yet! Thanks!

Sub: forget my previous comment. But from 12 pages of this post you had nothing to say but pick on taxation?

SubWife said...

I also picked on economy. I chose topics I actually know something about. And I wasn't picking, IMHO, I just asked a legitimate question. Picking on tax book was just a comment re: comment.