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Gd, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannon change
Courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

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Monday, September 22, 2008


For the past few months the general media, in the usual traditions of the election year during the Republican administration, has been continuously harping about the dreadful state of our economy. The reasons, of course, are crystal clear: despite the many attempts of the current administration to bend over backwards and forwards in order to satisfy the opposition as regarding the domestic matters, they still came out as dreadful proponents of the rich exclusively and the ban of the poor and the poor working middle class. I am going to save my arguments about these matters for another time; suffice it to say that, yellow journalism aside, our economy is experiencing problems that need to be addressed. So, in a nutshell, here is my economic plan:

1. Our immediate severance of our membership in the UN, which includes immediate closing of the money tap. Let UN move anywhere they want: Tripoli, Adis Ababa, Moscow; as long as it is not on American territory, let them settle wherever they want. UN building and all the real estate currently belonging to the so-called diplomats attached to the UN becomes the property of New York city in lieu of millions in unpaid parking tickets by the said diplomats, plus the partial reimbursement for all the man hours of the NYPD. NYC, in turn, should sell all this real estate immediately to any private entity (since the city's bureaucracy can not and should not manage it).

2. Tell the entire red, oops green, environmental lobby to go to the warm basement and remain there. No more yaps and squeaks about excess of CO2, Kyoto and supposed man-made global warming, no more biofuel, no more government dictates about what we should drive, which light bulbs to use, how much water to flush our toilets with, no more nonsensical energy conservation tips, or not repairing levees because that would disturb the local fauna. All the green loonies are more than welcome to use their restrictions on themselves; I do not care if they haul their ugly reusable bags everywhere, or ride bicycles for two hours to work each day, or eat only raw wheat and vegetables that they grew themselves; but absolutely no lobbying the government, either federal, or state, or local, to impose their idiocy on the rest of the country! In the same vein, drill for oil and gas anywhere and everywhere on our territory whenever oil and gas could be found. Alternative energy should be developed by private entities without government's big brother breathing down their necks or supplying their research at taxpayer's expanse.

3. Immediate deportation of all the illegals. Not tomorrow, not next week, not next year; now! In the meantime, no access to any kind of public funds without valid proof of citizenship. Meanwhile, build the bloody fences along both borders, especially the southern one! By the way, Jackie Mason proposed a brilliant solution: put retired Jews along the border and let them watch it; just give them coffee and cheesecake.

4. Enough with affirmative actions and the attached virulent racism, be it education or workforce.

5. Reduce government spending by reducing government workers. In my humble estimation, one bureaucrat could really do the work of at least three; providing he or she actually works during the working hours.

6. No more foreign aid to ungrateful swine; let Brangelina and Co. support all the poor and downtrodden on their dime exclusively, without dipping into the US Treasury.

7. Lower taxes across the board, individual and corporate alike. Eventually, getting rid of the IRS would be the order of the day.

8. Last, but not least: enough with constant government interference in private enterprise. Sub prime mortgage mess, by the way, is a prime example (no pun intended). Let the free market be free!


SubWife said...

You lost me after #1...

SubWife said...
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Sally Hazel said...

Actually, I think the plan is quite clear, useful, and even entertaining though it does involve broader knowledge than the media is feeding us.

SubWife said...

Sally, if only I had knowledge other than media is feeding us, I would immediately see things your way.

Sally Hazel said...

oops, did I step on a toe?

Moish said...

Barb, with all due love and respect...WTF!!!! 2,000 years ago the rabbis (in Pirkey Avos) pointed out that we need the government because without it people would eat each other alive.
President HillBilly deregulated the financial system, President Bystander ran it into the ground by ignoring it (along with many other things) while focusing on the war we didn't need and had no strategy for one way or another (McPain said on 9.12.01 that we must get Iraq and we can do it with 10,000 soldiers and be out in a few months).
Now that the nature took its course and human greed brought us into a total shithole, now that we are not only a laughingstock of the world because of our misguided foreign policy, we are also an economic leper, it's not that the government that according to you should stay out of everything, has to run and bail out sons of bitches that made millions with our BILLIONS! (while the administration expected a blank check and immunity after the lies they fed us for 7.5 years!!!)
Isolating ourselves is the ultimate path of destruction to for this otherwise great nation. We are isolated as is, and unless we reverse the course this country will die (not before becoming another Taliban or Iran, which is the course Bush and his supreme court vigilantes are taking us, and I am not even talking about what Palin has up her skirt).
You can't paint the world with two colors, like Drug Addict and Chief Hypocrite Limbaugh.
Not every republican is a privileged, heartless cynic, not every democrat is a commie fag and not every supporter of alternative energy and conservation is a loony.
World is much more sophisticated than that, and rants that make you sound like Angry Cunt Coultier are just so beneath you! And Sally, don't encourage that!!!!

Moish said...
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Sally Hazel said...

Goodness Sub, hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for reading comprehension. Unlike you, Barb, and Moish the only news I know are newspaper/yahoo headlines and whatever the TV wishes to tell me while I work.
This is not my blog. I haven't expressed 'my way' here. I just made a comment.

Moish said...

Sally, don't buy anything the media and yahoo are selling you - analyzing the info enhances comprehension.

Barb Chansky said...

Ladies and Gents,

Thank you for your kind words. May I just remind you that this is my blog; not an article in the newspaper or a political analysis by a known professor; just my blog with maybe ten readers max. So, telling me what to write consitutes a form of censorship or a thought police? And do not delude yourself, it was not a constructive critisism by a long run. Plus, my dissasociation from the mainstream feminism aside, I do not think any woman should be called by a c-word, even if you consider her the lowliest of prostitutes, political or de facto.

Mikeinmidwood said...

Great plan, now were does it say I get a $1000.