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Gd, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannon change
Courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

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Sunday, November 30, 2008


Plus, a bit more musing re: Harry Potter

Ladies and Germs:

Thank you again for all your comments regarding my reaction to the results of the last elections. As always, I was not disappointed (by and large). So, here is my response (again, not humble):

One: again, this is just my blog; not an official publication, or editorial, or a textbook, or even Internet news venue. Just my little ole blog. So, with all due respect and admiration, I reserve the full right to express my opinions, as unpalatable as they may be. Ditto for my language. Thank The Good Lord, this is still a free country; I have a full freedom of speech under the much abused and misinterpreted First Amendment. BO is not in full power yet, so, no official censorship or thought police were instituted yet.

Two: I would love to posses the eternal wisdom, all the secrets of the Universe, the ability to always be right, and to always know the correct answers. Common sense dictates that I am just a human being, ergo flawed and prone to errors. Having said that, I firmly confirm already expressed opinion: anyone who voted for Barak Hussein Obama was, at best, a well-meaning useful idiot. Next on the list are plain idiots, misinformed idiots, uneducated idiots, ungrateful swine, racists, morons of all stripes, America-hates, and, lastly, people who plainly committed treason. With all the facts glaring into everyone's faces, the decision to vote for that pathetic excuse for a politician was, at best, misinformed.

Three: he is NOT my President. Since he officially gave up his Senate seat, and till the official confirmation by the Electors he is just a figure head, albeit in this case an extremely loud one and full of chutzpah. Only after the official Electoral confirmation does he become a President-Elect, and only after official swearing in next January does he become a President. And, here is a final little snag: I refuse to acknowledge him as my President-Elect or my President, till he produces his original, official, and confirmed by an unbiased specialists as real, birth certificate. Until this worthless windmill confirms that he satisfies ALL Constitutional requirements for the office of the President, considering him as such is a violation of the letter of our Constitution; never mind the spirit, since I am sure that the writers and ratifiers of the Constitution did not even dream of such America-hater as a citizen, never mind the Presidential candidate, never mind the actual President. On the practical side, here is the petition that demands the birth certificate:

Four: I am unwilling to give him a chance because he does not deserve one.

Five: till January 20 (or 21; sorry, dyslexia strikes again), George W. Bush is our President. By the way, apparently, I have been spelling his name in a Jewish way; sorry, Mr. President! The only thing it means, aside, again, from my dyslexia, is that I still got respect for you.

Six: the main quality of a good leader is not "confidence of the citizens"; it is his or her ability to lead, not to collect overexcited crowds of fainting fans; and, most importantly, to do the right thing for the country despite the opinion of the majority, or the opinion of the educated morons, or the opinion of the uneducated idiots, or, for that matter, despite the opinions of the prostituted media or treasonous Hollywood.

Seven: again, despite my wishes, I can not see into the future, clearly or otherwise. Hopefully, Merciful Father will spear us, but I can not help but feel deep glum at the prospect of this unillustrious Presidency.

Finally, this brings me to another matter. As you are aware, there are many newsworthy, or, in my opinion, spittoon-worthy tidbits floating all other the TV, newspapers, and the Internet. One of such brilliant observations was a little article to the tune that our dear Barak is, apparently, a geek, since he read Harry Potter and has some kind of wacky screen saver on his computer (the other details I do not recall). Being a pretty hard-core Potter fan, this particular article made me wonder a bit. Which character from the series best characterizes Obama? I did not have to think long or hard to come to the following conclusion: he is definitely a cross between Peter Pettigrew and Gilderoy Lockhart.

After that, I tried to imagine our dear BO under the sorting hat. Again, I think The Hat would have ratted out the answer immediately upon hitting that ugly head. Obama does not posses the chivalry and bravery of Gryffindors, nor the loyalty and humility of Hufflepuffs, nor the true wisdom and studiousness of Ravenclaws. He does, however, posses plenty of guile and the willingness to achieve his goal by any means that characterised Slytherins. And speaking of Slytherin: Obama is a half-blood that takes any advantage he can from belonging to one side while always denying the other. Remind you of anyone else from the Slytherin House?


La Poutine Cachere said...

Amen to "My blog, My say"!

Evidently in our times, it would be easier for me to prove my eligibility for the Oval Office than to obtain a Canadian passport.

To obtain the said passport, I would have to submit two official, original copies of government issued photo identification proving my date of birth and Canadian citizenship. But not just that- I would have to get both my passport application and passport photos notarized by a professional who has known me personally for a minimum of 2 years. All this to obtain a simple passport, as a run-of-the-mill citizen.

Yet someone poised to lead the USA is not asked to produce documentation to substantiate their birthplace, which has been called into question. What a strange twist of fate indeed.

SubWife said...


I don't think anyone questioned your right to think or write whatever you want. Yep, your blog, your opinions. I also think that the First Amendment allows us to disagree with you. And since you didn't close off comments on your post, I think it was reasonable to assume that we could express our disagreement with you.

Sally Hazel said...

LOVED HP references!

Subwife, IMHO, some of your comments were much more than disagreement. You sounded(IMNO, to put it mildly) patronizing school teacher.

SubWife said...


I am going to try this again. Is it possible that you were seeing things that were neither present nor inteded in my comments?