The Best Motto

Gd, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannon change
Courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

You woke up this morning - Congratulations! You got another chance!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Two Sundays ago I planned to go to the local Target to get some stuff for my new apartment, into which I did not want to move in the first place (but that is a separate story). And since the weather was not particularly encouraging towards the outdoor activities, it took me till early afternoon to finally collect myself. At which point my sis had put semi-frantic calls on all my communicators because she forgot hers at my new digs. Anyway, to make the long story a bit shorter, I promised to drop by her first, and then we decided to maybe go to Target together and with kiddies.

Due to the strange characters that always roam our charming neighbourhood and ring the door bells at all hours of day and night, munchkins, especially the older one, did not get to nap properly, and by the time of my august arrival were not in the best of dispositions. So, for the reasons known only to the Creator and to these two adorable gnomes, Mini Me, who usually hints to me that it is time for our mutual outing "on choo choo train with a single agla", refused to leave the house and insisted on staying with Mommy. Mini Not Me, on the other hand, reiterated several times that he wanted to "go sto vi Papi". So, he was duly bundled up and placed in "single agla", and off to the Target we went.

On the way to the store he inquired about every half a block as to the whereabouts of Mommy, Efty, and Abba (in that order), but my explanations as to their absence from the immediate vicinity were sufficient. On our arrival to the store, he got a cookie, and a view from a very tall window, and a not so rare opportunity to observe the natives in their natural habitat. All went well till I proceeded to actual shopping; the inquires intensified to about once every minute, and, upon being informed that Mommy and Efty are at home, Mini Not Me expressed the desire to join them.

In between the questions as to the whereabouts of his immediate family, my nephew really enjoyed himself, and even found quite a few things he wanted to purchase for himself, the most prominent amongst them being "Cars" linen set. But very soon he started to demand his return to the bosom of the loving parents quite forcefully and pretty much nonstop. I still held a feeble hope of at least finding a new trash can, and to that end I decided to persuade my little charge. "Listen, sweetie, you are with me," was my reply to his slightly teary demands of Mommy, Efty, and home, "am I that boring?" "Wra" was his immediate reply (which in his present vocabulary means "yes"). Ah, from the mouths of babes...


La Poutine Cachere said...

I do recall reading somewhere that an added bonus of being around children is that it keeps you constantly humble. :p

BTW, let me know the next time you head to Target. I tried to muster the koach this past Sunday to get out there, but no cigar.

SubWife said...

New apartment? New apartment???? I loved your old one... Why, but why?

Barb Chansky said...

Sub, I loved my old one too:( Unfortunately, I could not keep it anymore (sniff, sniff)

Moshe said...

Too keep the "strange characters" at bay, have you ever try growling and barking at them? I wish they would visit me so I could try it out myself.

Barb Chansky said...

Canadian latke, the only reason I went to Target in the first place was because it is now within walking distance of my new digs (plus, I got a ride anyway); but I will definitely let you know next time.

Moshe, as I said many times before, our parents did not raise us correctly, and it will take some time before I will start growling and barking:)