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Gd, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannon change
Courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008


Animal analogies are extremely popular both in spoken and written word. Though always very eloquent, they can be, in my opinion, divided into few categories. One of these would be descriptions insulting to people, and another one would be descriptions insulting to animals. Allow me to elaborate.

The best animal analogies that could be applied to the members of the religion of peace would be snakes and jackals. Both of them would be extremely accurate and very insulting to both snakes and jackals, because snakes and jackals are just that: animals. As such, they really have no control over their actions, as disgusting and as reprehensible as they are. Muslims, on the other hand, are supposed to be human beings, ergo, the only beings in the Universe endowed by the Creator with the freedom of choice. So, they choose to torture and kill. Kill themselves, their family members, and, of course, the infidels; all in the name of their god. I recently admitted to one of my friends that, although I detest all those people flooding my neighbourhood, mostly illegally, they are still human beings in my eyes; all of them, that is, aside from Muslims. My friend admitted to similar outlook, telling me that all she sees are ticking bombs and incubators.

And please, please, do not get horrified and tell me that only about ten percent, statistically, are radical, violent, and militant; the rest of them are just peaceful people trying to live their peaceful lives. Fine; even if that statistic is true, what happens to the peaceful ninety percent when the violent ten commits another atrocity? Do they condemn the killers, excommunicate them, and offer object apologies to the victims, their families, and their countries? Heck, no. They assume the pose of offended innocence and claim themselves the victims of Western and Zionist oppression (not necessarily in that order). The few decent individuals amongst them, like Irshad Manji or Wafa Sultan, are usually not considered truly faithful, and, as such, usually have their lives threatened.

Which brings me to another animal analogy. Why is the state of Israel impersonating a cowardly lion? That question keeps popping into my head more and more frequently in the last couple of years, especially after the "disengagement" of Gaza. It came to me again as the media broad casted the exchange of two coffins with the remains of two kidnapped Israeli soldiers for the violent Muslim killers that were incarcerated in Israel. After the exchange (brokered by the UN and The Red Cross) broadcast came the anticipated, but still horrible, news reels about Israelis crying and Muslims celebrating and planning to demand more such "exchanges".

In what language and on what level of human logic does it become clear that such situation is unendurable? Snakes kill for pleasure; jackals always go for the jugular at the least show of fear and understand only one thing: swift and violent kick in the rear. How is it not understood? Where is the plain and simple human drive for self-preservation? Diplomacy will never work when dealing with violent thugs; with people incapable of the most redeeming of human emotions: love. Because sending your husband, or, worse, your son, on a suicide mission against civilians, and then gleefully counting the price of his "sacrifice" in the form of twenty five thousand dollars is not love; it is an ugly travesty of love.

As I was working on this piece, another example of the love of peace and their neighbours was demonstrated by the Muslims. Another construction truck went on rampage in Jerusalem; this time it was stopped faster, and, thank G-d, with only tree injuries and no deaths.

World as a whole does not care about Jews. There are many (probably more than we know) brave and decent individuals who do care. EU, UN, the entire Middle East region, mass media, and other usual suspects, on the other hand, are irritated by a constant presence of this less-than-one-percent-of-the world population, which, despite many attempts in the last three thousand years, proved to be impossible to exterminate and completely wipe off the face of the Earth. So, why are we even bothering with them and their unattainable good opinion of us?

My time in seminary corresponded with the first Gulf War. Of course, we were very concerned about our brothers and sisters in Israel, and said daily prayers for their safety; but that is not why I remember it. A crazy story told by our principle got stuck in my memory. During one of the scud missile attacks, when everyone was running to the shelters, one Chasidishe Rebbe (unfortunately, I do not recall the name of the denomination) was dancing in the street! Sometimes I still try to visualize it: the sirens, people running for cover, and this old man just dancing. Why did he do this? He was firm in his believe that G-d promised us that He will not destroy Jerusalem again; so this old man was not afraid of scud missiles. Call this anything you want: religious fanaticism, senility of the old age, chassidishe buba maisa, or just sheer stupidity; that story made a lasting impression on me (and I am not that easily impressed). I only wish the Israeli government will take some lessons from this story. May G-d protect His people in the Holy Land!

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