The Best Motto

Gd, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannon change
Courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

You woke up this morning - Congratulations! You got another chance!

Tuesday, January 25, 2022


 Back in the summer I had to haul my behind to the city (which used to be fun, but, thanks to De Blasio's regime and the lockdowns, is, sadly, not anymore).  Once there, I decided to visit the old hunting ground of Marshall’s and T.J. Maxx on Sixth Avenue.  Since the story took place in late August, I found the all too expected rainbow products on clearance in the far corner.  Most of it was the usual junk, but a wooden toothbrush with rainbow bristles really made me chuckle - so, I snapped a picture and posted it on Facebook.  That post produced a very interesting exchange, the most pertinent part of which is presented here without edits - aside from the name changes (in order to protect the innocent and the guilty).

Name key:

BC - yours truly

N - my friend from Pittsburgh; for full context - she is in her late sixties, a practicing Catholic, a mother and a grandmother, and also a very wise, logical, and tolerant person.

L1 - a former coworker of mine, with whom I was on good terms while back at B&N; also for context - that coworker was born and raised in the USA; she is in her mid-twenties, and she is a lesbian

L2 - L1’s then-fiancée; I have never met her; all I know about her is that she was also born and raised in this country; she is from a very religious rural family, and, obviously, also a lesbian


BC: “I am OK with everyone living their lives and not sticking it in mine at every turn...but the corporate idiocy really gets to me...our store never flew the American flag, even on the Independence day, or Memorial day...but they went all out every June

N: “BC, I hear ya, GF! I hate "follow the leader" bullshit. It's mindless! That's why I said that if they're on that LBGQ bandwagon, it's stupid! I can't stand that!! Sheeple.

Did you notice, commercials now are mostly black people or mixed race couples? 13% of the population is now 98% of the commercials.”


BC: “yep, I did notice this a while back…”


L1: “BC, Seriously? Straight sex and romcoms and fucking everything has been in everyone’s faces and perfectly acceptable since the dawn of time. The rainbow isn’t hurting you or harming anyone. What it does is help people who have historically been outcasts feel a little more comfortable. Let people have their representation. It’s a toothbrush. Jesus fucking Christ grow up”

L1: “N, How would you feel if the tables were turned and people said they couldn’t stand who you are and who you love? Bc if you want to experience, I can make that happen.”

BC: “L1, are you telling us to grow up?!! N and I?!! That's one of the funniest jokes I have seen this week!”

N: “L1, What the hell are you raving about? Who said any of that? Why are you being so confrontational and vulgar?”

N: “L1, Are you threatening me? Are you? Do what you gotta do.”

L1: “N, Why are you being homophobic and racist?”

L1: “BC, Yep”

N: “Wow! It doesn't take much to set you off. Have some Xanax.”

N: “L1, Where is my racist comment?!”

L1: “N, Eh, I’m good. Not big on drugs thanks “

L1: “Here (screenshot of N’s earlier comment about commercials)

N: “L1, And???? That's a fact. Do you see Asians, Muslims and Jews in that disproportionate numbers. Whites? Pacific Islanders? Get a grip.”

N: “L1, Maybe you need drugs to calm the f*ck down.”

N: “L1, How about Native Americans?”

L1: “N, You’re the one being all salty about the existence of a rainbow toothbrush”

N: “L1, You're reading between the lines and not doing a good job of it. My suggestion would be to take a deep breath, calm down, and read without emotion”

N: “L1, You're overfocused on sentences taken out of context. Can't see the forrest for the trees.

CNN is hiring.”


N: “BC, I object to Jesus F*cking Christ. That's blasphemous. But, it's all OK when it's a liberal doing their thing.

I object but God is bigger than that. 😉


BC: “you keep, forgetting, L1, that we are way older, more experienced, and yes, wiser...and that's the problem with your generation - all young people think that they are smart, but your generation decided that all older people are racists, bigots, nazis, etc, etc, etc, and you, guys, are the best of the best! You lead charmed lives that you don't appreciate, invent hardships, don't appreciate this country, and refuse to really educate yourselves on real history and facts. Young leftists in the USA are the most narrow-minded, entitled, and intolerant people I have seen in my life - and I have seen some doozies...there are plenty of things that offend us on the hourly basis, but WE BELIEVE IN LIVE AND LET LIVE!”


L2: “BC, Except you don’t believe in live and let live. You believe in being stuck up, biased, cruel, and hateful, and then you get offended if anyone calls you on it. If you truly believed in live and let live, a toothbrush wouldn’t bother you so much. Also, you can take your ideas about a charmed life and shove them where the sun doesn’t shine. Entitlement is expecting to never see a rainbow toothbrush. Entitlement is losing your whole asshole when someone asks you to stop being so myopically self centered for just long enough to consider other human beings might exist. Entitlement is condescending to people and micromanaging their lived experiences. If you don’t wanna be called a racist, don’t say racist things. If you don’t want to look like a bigot, don’t act like it. If you don’t want to be associated with nazis, STOP ACTING LIKE NAZIS. Also, there are plenty of old people who aren’t bigoted, hateful, idiotic, and selfish - I see them every single day, so stop claiming that age equals a shitty personality and no empathy. Stop claiming that experience means that you can’t treat other people like humans. Stop victimizing yourself over a goddamn toothbrush. The hypocrisy is so thick I’m fucking choking on it. Grow up for a goddamn second and let the gays LIVE.”


N: “I'll say this for a 68 year old "boomer", if a toothbrush comment offends you, you have a problem. Life is going to kick your ass so buckle up ladies. You have a rocky road ahead. Your choice! You can move on or constantly argue and work yourselves up.

Neither BC or I are homophobes. Not in the least. The comments and posts were all about "woke" people jumping on bandwagons following what they think will make more money. Do you really think those companies give two sh*ts about you or anyone else? If you really do, you're so damn naive, you better make some in-flight adjustments.

You need to learn to pick your battles in life. This silly thing isn't a hill to die on. Trust me, life and people are going to clean your clocks for the remainder of your lives! The best thing you can do is develop a healthy sense of humor about who you are and learn how to laugh at yourself in order to survive. You ain't getting out of life alive no matter how you REACT.

Yes, these are reactionary comments made by you. They're not thought through. Just reacting while filling in the blanks.

Can't you just scroll past what you disagree with? This is BC’s timeline. She's the queen here and she can say as she pleases. Don't like it? Move on. Life is too short and if this is the most homophobic thing you've ever seen .... WOW .... you do have a charmed life so far. Buckle up and lighten the f*ck up! The best gay jokes I ever heard in my life were told to me by gay male friends who learned to love themselves and don't give two sh*ts about who doesn't love or accept them. They found themselves and accept who they are. They don't need to get all butt hurt over jokes. The funniest black jokes I ever heard were told to me by black folks I taught in college. I grew up in a 35% black town.

If you're trying to fight some LBGQ battle, this ain't it! I remember days that gays, blacks and other minorities really had something to whine about. You do not! Life for your generation was easy compared to those who went before you.”


N: “One last thing ... if you wish to be accepted and treated with respect, vulgarity and insults won't help you in the least. If you want to be treated with class and dignity, blasphemy isn't going to generate much respect from others. You do much better learning and developing grace.”


L2: “N, ok boomer.”




Tuesday, January 04, 2022


I decided to try and document some of the more “amusing” stuff that routinely happens to me whenever I try to, erm, dialogue with the other side (otherwise known as THE DERANGED LEFT) on social media.  This is part one. 

There is a page on Facebook called Weird History; I honestly don’t know why I still follow it - because for every post that is actually interesting, educational, or inspired, they manage to produce about ten that amount to no more than left-wing propaganda, the bashing of the whities, the reaffirmation of the hate towards the West (especially the USA), and the mocking of anything remotely related to Christianity (and, of course, Judaism - for company).

About a week ago they, once again, decided to demonstrate how stupid an average American is by posting some kind of kookie exchange relating to the origins of the “Arabic” numerals.  I had a lot to say on that post, but all I did was point out that they are Indian numerals, not Arabic - and the floodgates opened….

They were the usual emoticon reactions to my utterance - likes from people who probably had the same opinion, smiley faces from a bunch of people who thought that I was an idiot (unsurprisingly, a lot of them had Arab- and Jewish- sounding last names), and hearts from people who, I guess, applauded my daring (also, some of them had last names like Patel and Singh, so, I assume that they were duly grateful for my defense of the honor of their people and their homeland).  Of course, it did not stop at emoticons - I got the usual barrage of comments that called into question my mental acuity, my education (and the possible lack of such), my familiarity with people and cultures different from mine, my level of tolerance, etc, etc, etc, etc.  Obviously, my subsequent comment pointing out the fact of Arabs invading huge swaths of land, and claiming credit for scientific discoveries of superior cultures that they subjugated and forced into Islam produced the expected steam coming from all the orifices of the tolerant Left, who long ago accepted as fact that only Europeans ever waged the wars of conquest - and the rest is just hateful propaganda.

But forget all this - the best was the following exchange: one of the snooty comments directed at me claimed that “someone never visited Saudi Arabia, and it shows.”  I assume that you have to go there in order to appreciate the superior intelligence of Arabs, and also get confirmation that they, and not Indians, invented the blessed numerals?  Anyway, I politely pointed out to that genius that, as a Jew, I can’t really sojourn to the exotic lands of Saudis, woe on my head!  The response? “Well, how was I supposed to know that you are a Jew?!! Simmer down there, Karen!”  The love for Arabs is so great that their intolerance and anti-Semitism are completely forgotten!  That self-proclaimed defender of human rights finds it A-OK for Jews not to be allowed into a whole bunch of countries populated by the enlightened and oh-so-brilliant Arabs!  While telling me off, the possibility of my not being allowed to travel into those holy lands doesn’t even enter this extra educated mind!  The usual sensitivity to the persecuted minorities is never afforded us, but I am a “Karen” (incidentally, I really hate this racist epithet!) for pointing it out!  Curtains….