The Best Motto

Gd, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannon change
Courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

You woke up this morning - Congratulations! You got another chance!

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

MORNING UPDATE, October 31, 2012

Good Morning, peeps! Happy Wednesday! We actually saw sun this morning! It's only Wednesday, but I am bone tired - I wish this week would end already, and a new, wonderful week will begin..but then I remind myself that things could always be waaay worse. Hashem, thank you for the music! Last night's blackout was very welcomed by our feline companions, and their distress upon the return of electricity was directly proportional to ours upon the disappearance of the said electricity. Benny put his lighter to good use and saved the left over pasta by its light. My crazy neighbor from upstairs resumed her vacuuming routine at 11 this morning. 

Dancing with the Stars is trending at #1 - as usual, the priorities of the populace are firmly in place. The list of dating horror stories: the guy claims to be a vampire; another one runs from the restaurant before paying the bill; yet another one crying in restaurant because he was reminded of his ex-wife's favorite dish - I guess my dating stories pale in comparison. Our dear mayor showed a rare glimmer of good sense and advised comrade Hussein not to show up his mug here. 

Coffee this morning in my San Fran latte mug.

MORNING UPDATE, November 1, 2012

Good Morning, peeps! Happy Thursday! Happy November! There was some sunshine outside, which is always welcome. I am feeling stir-crazy, but the trip to the city is, unfortunately, out  

The big news in entertainment industry - Disney bought Lucas film and will produce 3 additional Star Wars sequels - geeks everywhere, unite in your happiness or your horror (whatever floats your boat)! Oliver Stone is trending at #6, because he opened his big yup and proclaimed that Sandy was a punishment to both Mitt and Hussein for ignoring climate change - I love when envirowacos surround themselves in religious pathos, especially considering the end result their movement is aiming for. My upstairs neighbor is abusing electricity by doing her usual vacuum routine. Some deranged moron stole Amy Winehouse's wedding dress - considering how much happiness it brought to her, I really don't understand the fascination - never mind that karma, as always, will be a bitch. Marc Summers was talking about mac and cheese, Red Robin's burgers, mashed potatoes, and brownies - I guess parteigenosse Michelle is too busy with campaigning to supervise. Meanwhile, I rediscovered, once again, that oatmeal is not my cup of tea. Sending good vibes to all friends and strangers who are without power or homeless (hopefully, temporarily). 

Coffee this morning in my Disney Dalmatian spots mug.

MORNING UPDATE, November 2, 2012

Good Morning, peeps! Happy Friday! It's sunny outside, which is always welcome. 

Happy Potter is trending at #3, because, despite everything, HP exhibition is due to open this Sunday in our fair city - well, we could sure use some magic from the muggle-loving wizards and witches. There is a young father making a case against breastfeeding, claiming that a switch to formula helped him and his wife "work on their marriage" - gosh, do I feel bad for the poor baby! Kristen Stewart admits to keeping the rings from the set of the movies because they are so important to her - sheesh, I would definitely think that becoming a high paid superstar (limited talent non-withstanding) would be something to remember. Macy's is running an Election Day sale - clear indication of a fantastic economic climate. Travel Channel is doing an hour of 21 Manly things to do - basically showing dangerous stunts that idiot males get up to and also how much meat they like to consume. 82,000 lb of walnuts were stolen in Northern California, and a man with a Russian accent is a primary suspect - what the hell is he going to do with all those nuts? 

Coffee this morning in my Winnie and Friends mug that says "I generally have a small something now".

MORNING UPDATE, November 4, 2012

Good Morning, peeps! Happy Sunday! Shavua Tov! Wishing all of you a great week - hopefully, much better than the last! It's sunny and cold outside - well, November, here we come! Both cats recovered from their hurricane experience and are not clinging to me or my space anymore. Thank The Good Lord, we are back to normal time! 

Snooki is trending at # 2, because she twitted a picture of her baby - nice to know that Jersey Shore is alive and kicking. Nicole Kidman's hat is trending at #6 - literally because Nicole Kidman wore a My Fair Lady impersonation hat to the Kentucky Derby - I am sure the freezing residents of Staten Island were the first to google it. Then there is a discussion about which winter décor is tasteful and which it tacky - oh, for Pete's sake! It's your house, decorate it any way you want - who gives a flying banana for some snooty moron's idiotic opinion? And finally, there is, apparently, a sure way to kill a zombie - libtards, watch out! 

Coffee this morning in my huge yellow Winnie the Pooh mug that Nat send me for my birthday a while back.

MORNING UPDATE, November 5, 2012

Good Morning, peeps! Happy Monday! Happy Guy Fawkes Day! The weather is sunny and cold - but the subways are running, so, there is a possibility of getting out and about. Curry decided that my vegetable basket is his new (or, rather, re-discovered) bed. George is firmly planted on the couch he befouled last year. 

According to the latest research, the best decade for singles is not 20s or 30s, but 60s - oh, Gd help me! Somebody's new hairdo is trending at #4 - this time it is Beyonce's; well, at least, it's not her love for comrade Hussein; and she, her hairdo, and her racist hubby were out of the Situation Room for a while . Then there is a whole article on stylish leggings - spare me. And facebook presents a new challenge - it could also make you fat!! Parteigenosse Michelle, where are you? And where are you on patrolling Marc Summers - who was talking about diners today!! And finally, there is a list of election freebies - well, I know what I want on Election Day  

Coffee this morning in my Chanukah mug that my friend Debbie gave me.

MORNING UPDATE, November 6, 2012

Good Morning, peeps! Happy Tuesday! The weather is sunny and nippy. 

Well, it's election day, but it does not trend at the top 10 - I am officially floored with surprise! The closest we come is at #5 - Katy Perry's skintight ballot dress, which trolls for comrade Hussein; well, I was never a fan of Katy's music, so, boycotting it is way too easy. At #7 is an attempt of the hostile takeover of Netflix - well, my subscription is cancelled for now, so, as long as they don't charge me for this month for the services I am not using, I am cool either way. Shaq is trending at #6 because he bought a huge house for a bargain price of $235K - shudders at our racist country! Beyonce's hair are still very much in the news - I guess the new style IS earth-shattering. And, finally, there is a story of Playboy's model telling her mother about it - gee, every woman's dream to hear her daughter posed for this venerated and highly intellectual publication! 

Coffee this morning in my funky glass cappuccino mug.

MORNING UPDATE, November 11, 2012

Good Morning, peeps! Happy Sunday! Salute to Veterans! 

2016 elections are trending at #6 - one day at a time, people; we have to survive till 2016 elections. Miranda Kerr is trending at #1 - it turns out she is Victoria's Secret model, and the reason she is number one because she discussed her methods of staying in shape - another huge surprise. The best one - she celebrates female body! OMG, I could die from laughter - yea, Victoria's Secret and its models celebrating female body! Oh, give me a break! Daniel Craig is trending at # 7 because a new Bond movie is coming out - been there, done that, fascination is dead. Then there is a whole bunch of instructions on how to save by the dentist - gee, I thought comrade Hussein is going to pay my dentist's bill! And, finally, Beyonce's hair is still a hot news topic - wow! 

Coffee this morning will probably be in the disposable cup from a local DD.

MORNING UPDATE, November 12, 2012

Good Morning, peeps! Happy Monday! The weather rocks for the second day in a row - thank you, Hashem! Yay, flippies!!! It looks like today is Rodin's and Grace Kelly's birthday - well, happy birthday! George woke up Benny by meowing for about 10 minutes, demanding to be fed - even though there were 3 full dishes of food in the kitchen; the guy is definitely going senile in his old age. 

Katie Holmes, or rather, her skintight orange jeans are very prominent in the news this morning - thankfully, Beyonce's new hairdo and the Biel/Timberlake nuptials are finally gone from the same. Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2 is trending at #2 - no news yet as how many exited teens and tweens are expected to swoon at the premier. Yet another heartbreaking piece of news - Gomez/Bibier break-up - aw, my heart bleeds borsch. And, finally, there is a list of 10 stylish bags for under $50 - surprisingly, my Bag was not mentioned (and I guarantee you, it was definitely under fifty bucks) - oh, well. 

Coffee this morning in my Coffee Bean/Tea Leaf mug - great trip to LA that definitively convinced me that I don't want to move to LA; glad they opened their stores here, in the Big Smelly Apple.

MORNING UPDATE, November 13, 2012

Good Morning, peeps! Happy Tuesday! The weather is blah-y again, but I am very grateful for the last 2 days. This morning the demented alta kaka otherwise known as George came to bug me about 7 in the morning, meowing piteously and demanding Gd knows what. Curry was proclaimed less annoying after the claw-clipping week, but another session would be needed soon. 

Prince Charles is trending at #1 right now, because some crazy dude in New Zealand wanted to pop him or something - memo to the crazy dude: he (Charles) is even more demented than you, so chill - it's not worth it. Anne Hathaway's diet is trending at #4 - this time it's not her lifestyle diet, but what she did in order to loose 25 lb for the role of Fantine; I hope she gets it back soon, because she at least looks like a woman and not an anorexic teenage boy. Kristen Steward's sheer dress worn at the premier of the last Twilight movie is stealing the headlines - no report yet on how many teenage boys fainted this time. Also, it looks like her and R-Patz are back together, as they seemed to be very affectionate to each other that night. Gomez/Bieber break-up, on the other hand, is also making news and breaking teenage hearts; incidentally, they were called Jelena? Hell, how come I didn't know that? And why is Selena Gomez considered one of the most beautiful women on the planet? Hell, people, just invest a buck and go to the second floor of the Met for an hour or two - then you will stop making such idiotic statements. 

Coffee this morning in my big Winnie The Pooh mug that Nat gave me.

MORNING UPDATE, November 14, 2012

Good Morning, peeps! Happy Wednesday! The weather is sunny, but cold - well, sun is good, but I will miss my flippies. After destroying the mouse that George stole from Claudio at the risk of limb and life, Curry decided to steal my fridge magnets and play with those - effin democratic infiltrator. 

Keira Knightly is trending at #1 because she is talking about anorexia "rumors" - lady, I am sorry, but you are a walking poster for anorexia. Kristen Stewart is trending at #2 because she is "desperate" for a job - oh, give me a break! Channing Tatum was named the sexiest man alive - spare me! There is also a list of top ten gadgets for 2012 - somebody still has money to buy them? The Royal Family is trying to debunk the myths about Prince Charles - the guy is a crazy, puffed up envirowaco with no morals; what else is there? And, finally, yet another hairdo news that are currently trending at #7 - Christina Aguilera's afro! No comment....

Coffee this morning in my Aruba mug - heck, that was one great trip!

MORNING UPDATE, November 15, 2012

Good Morning, peeps! Happy Thursday! Happy Rosh Chodesh Kislev! Ladies, please remind your husbands that today is ladies day - very light housework and presents! The weather outside is pretty pleasant for a November day in our fair city. Baby bro and I had a nice breakfast together - thank you, Trade Joe's, for kosher biscuits, and thank You, Hashem, for this moment of quite joy. 

SyFy is showing the first Prophecy - I get a kick every single time I see Viggo Mortensen in the role of the devil. The latest issue of my monthly bible features a segment on Victoria's Secret "angels" talking about body image issues - hell, what a joke! Their entire industry creates those body issues to begin with - including in idiot men who bought the idea that an image of extremely tall, unhealthily skinny woman with humongous breasts is real and beautiful. To my complete bewilderment, there are no news this morning on the Gomez/Bieber split - oh, wonder of wonders! Shania Twain, on the other hand, is trending at #3, because she rode a horse down the Vegas Strip - as long as she was dressed doing it...And yet another celebrity outfit makes the news - this time it is Megan Fox, and the outfit is supposed to be "crazy sci-fi" - forgive me, but it looks like plain S and M to me, but what do I know? And Alton Browne was talking about smoothies at the beginning of the week, and now he is talking about drying your own fruit - clearly parteigenosse Michelle is done with the election circuit, and is back on the case. 

Coffee this morning in my San Fran latte mug - another great vaca, the first I went on by myself, discovering the Pearl Factory, and re-discovering the beauty of my own company.

MORNING UPDATE, November 16, 2012

Good Morning, peeps! Happy Friday! This special report is brought to you from a friendly local laundromat, overflowing with local barbarian populace. Happy Erev Shabat! Ladies, I hope the Rosh Chodesh was great, and that your spouses were extremely helpful, as usual. My feline companions do not take it kindly to my bringing home excessive amount of groceries that I have to unpack, or my running around and collecting stuff that needs to be washed - well, you are living with a neurotic person; deal with it! 

As usual, the news do not disappoint: Kris Jenner (Kardashian mother) is trending at #1, because there are rumors of her divorce, and her daughter Kim is trending at #2, because it looks like the feud is brewing between her and the young Princess Kate, as Kim keeps copying Kate's clothes - at times like this I keep remembering Jay Leno saying something to the extend of who needs to destroy our culture from outside? He wants to destroy it himself...Meanwhile, our dear postal service just reported an annual loss of more than 15 billion greenbacks - does that mean they will severely delay the delivery of my junk mail and Con Edison bills? Then there is also a whole list of popular items that were banned for public safety - thanks, government morons! Your job is to protect us from illegal barbarians in this here country, not from backyard pools! No coffee cup report, as had to run out to do the above mentioned laundry.

MORNING UPDATE, November 18, 2012

Good Morning, peeps! Happy Sunday! The weather is very nice for a November day in New York - yay! One of my many prayers for the day - protect us from holy idiots! My main prayers remain with the Holy Land and our country. My yummy niece was just singing Adon Olam to me over the phone (with Israeli accent, no less). Benny's old roomie was visiting yesterday; her new project - Russian Jews and the way they arrange their living space. So, yours truly was photographed next to her cassette decks and her Barbie collection - despite the repeated disclaimers that the vast majority of Russian Jews do not share my passions. 

Channing Tatum is trending at #2 right now, because he is facing the backlash over being the sexiest man according to People - my heart bleeds borsch for him and for the disappointed audiences on both sides. Then there are seven signs of great bosses - where was that list 11 years ago? My old bosses at OU, who thought is was OK to emotionally abuse us after 9/11, would have benefited from it. Good Housekeeping magazine was testing 22 olive oils before pronouncing the winner - I could have saved them the time: the winner is the one with the lowest price tag! Martin Scorsese is trending at #8 because of his 70th Birthday - happy Birthday! There is also a video showing how to make "yummy veggie burgers" - but as the guys showing the process look very much like a homosexual couple, I am skipping it - or I won't have an appetite for any kind of burgers for a while. 

Coffee this morning in my Chanukah mug that Debbie gave me a while back.

MORNING UPDATE, November 19, 2012

Good Morning, peeps! Happy Monday! The weather continues to be enjoyable for November. Continued prayers for the Holy Land and our country. Curry was especially attentive this morning - kept rubbing my legs and licking me; don't know what got into that yellow-eyed menace. 

Nancy Pelosi is trending at #8, because she claimed she is confident we can avoid fiscal cliff - considering the fact that she is one of the responsible parties, that's a balsy statement; of course, nothing beats "we have to pass it to know what's in it". Brothel owner in Nevada won a public office, which news are currently trending at #6 - at least this is an honest representation of a politician. A family of three: father, son, and daughter, were arrested for a series of bank robberies in Texas and Oregon - interesting way to spend family time. And Rihanna was "rocking" a dress made famous by Clueless - very imaginative. There is also a list of 10 cities that are worst for women's health - Little Rock, Arkansas is at #6; hum, even after all these years of Clinton's departure from there? And, finally, Bieber "lashed out at the haters at AMA ceremony" - keep it classy, Justin. 

Coffee this morning in my Coffee Bean/Tea Leaf mug from LA.

MORNING UPDATE, November 20, 2012

Good Morning, peeps! Happy Tuesday! Another nice November day. Curry is back in the cat house, and George re-discovered his all time favorite perch - Benny's knapsack. 

Taylor Swift is trending at #5 because she has a "new guy" who is also a "serial dater" - sounds like something from the shadchanus files. At #6 is NYC's serial killer - we only got one? Selena Gomez is at #2, and not because of Justin - she visited emergency room with a strep throat. Oh, give me a break! People have no stamina - I was working with a strep throat (including managing company's phone), and every single woman I know does the same - you pop your pill, and you go. Jackie Chan is also in the news - he is retiring from the movie business, and his upcoming movie would be his last; could he has skipped the remake of Karake Kid? Nicki Minaj is trending on top because she is scared of American Idol debut - another case of heart bleeding borsch. And Jessica Biel disappointed the high arbiters of fashion with her "frumpy" suit at the latest movie premier - well, the suit was idiotic-looking, but so are half the clothes these people wear. Marc Summers was still talking about candies - I guess parteigenosse Michelle did not get to him yet. 

Coffee this morning in my Aruba mug.

MORNING UPDATE, November 22, 2012

Good Morning, peeps! Happy Thursday! The weather continues to be very nice for November. Happy Thanksgiving! Love this Holiday, even if I don't eat turkey Benny had a turkey sandwich late last night and declared himself "yotzei" for this year's Thanksgiving! George, as usual, meowed in my ear throughout the night; Curry came to snuggle in the morning, which is not usual - don't know what's up with that one. 

Lindsay Lohan made headlines again - this time with her "tacky" dress; in my humble opinion, that dress was not as tacky, or idiotic for that matter, as her playing Liz Taylor; but, heck, what do I know. Jennifer Lawrence, on the other hand, "wowed" in her dress - the dress looked decent, and she did look like a woman, and not like an anorexic teenage boy - that's all I am going to say on this one. Christina Aguilera got some "bad news" - her album debuted at a "depressing spot on the music charts" - the hearts of all American people with real depressing problems officially bleed borsch for her. And the little jackass who flipped the bird at the Arlington cemetery claims it was supposed to be a joke - well, majority of Americans are not laughing. Our Dear Secretary of State is trending at #2 - this time not for covering the ass of her despicable boss or disgusting husband; she is in the news because she fell asleep during another display of Hussein's oratory excellence - ah, the unlimited amount of irony that comes from that one! 

Coffee this morning in my Dalmatians spot mug.

MORNING UPDATE, November 23, 2012

Good Morning, peeps! Happy Friday! Happy Erev Shabat! The nice weather continues to hold - yay, flippies! Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving - everyone who truly loves our country, that is. 

Demi Moor's divorce is trending at #2 - because it is still not finalized. Demi, my advice - if your husband cheated on you, apply an old Irish remedy - the divorce will be instantaneous after that. Sharon Stone finally sold her house for a big loss - I guess even Hollywood is not always immune to the woes of the rest of the country. Mexican President Calderon wants to change the name of his country in order to get "the united states out of it" - may I suggest he first gets all his great unwashed and criminals out of our United States. And one out of every five guys has a "secret" e-mail account or a cell phone that his significant other knows nothing about - once again I am reminded of an old adage about men having two stages of development: a child and an old man. Another example - Halle Berry's fiance and her ex were allegedly brawling at her house over Thanksgiving - nice. And Michael Phelps was summoned for jury duty, which apparently created a "minor furor" at a Baltimore courthouse - man, people have no lives. And USPS is testing a "premium" service - how about providing a regular service expeditiously and with a smile? 

Coffee this morning in my "Get a Grip" mug that my sis got for me - is has a lot of sagely advice painted on it; the best - "some days you are the dog; some days you are the hydrant".

MORNING UPDATE, November 25, 2012

Good Morning, peeps! Happy Sunday! The weather got cold - well, it's the end of November; but the nice one was deeply appreciated. The huge mystery in our household - where the heck is the new bottle of ketchup purchased at the last excursion to Stop and Shop? 

Rowling's house in Edinburgh did not stay on the market for too long - I guess Harry waived his magic at the usually slump-y real estate market. Then there is a whole list and a discussion of which tooth paste is best for you - sheesh, when I was growing up, we had two choices: what you find in a store, and what makes you puke less. And the "century old mansion" that can shatter real estate records is located right here, in our dear borough of Brooklyn - way to go us! Just make sure barbarians won't get to it before it shatters the said real estate records. And guess who is trending at # 3 right now? If you said Justin Bieber, you are absolutely correct! This time he is there because he talked to Oprah about his breakup, and supposedly turned in a new leaf - hell, this thing is in the news longer than either Biel/Timberlake nuptials, or Cruise/Holmes divorce (or, their nuptials, for that matter)!  And the after-effects of Sandy "may influence" the UN climate talks in Qatar - can the UN just stay in Qatar in total: climate panel, security panel, etc? And, finally, Jenny McCarthy, Miley Cyrus, and some other celebrities officially bring back the pompadour - how about they (and their fans) officially concentrate on the inside of their skulls, rather than the outside? 
Coffee this morning in my personalized mug from WB NY Store - gosh, do I miss that place!

MORNING UPDATE, November 26, 2012

Good Morning, peeps! Happy Monday! The weather is sunny, but cold - well, sunny is good. My mornings now include either Curry, whose idea of cuddling is swiping at you with his open-claw paw and/or biting, or the vacuuming from the crazy upstairs. The whereabouts of the ketchup bottle remain a mystery. 

Well, it's Cyber Monday - so, happy shopping. A man was arrested in Canada for dressing up as a devil and telling the kids that Santa does not exist - jackass! At least he refrained from pro-homosexual propaganda...Then there is a question as to which luxury sedan is the top one in USA - Cadillac or Lincoln? People still have money to buy luxury sedans? Also, since Lindsay Lohan is playing Liz Taylor, there is a whole list of "eerie similarities" between them - proving once again how low Hollywood has fallen. And men have a whole list of "secret moves" that supposedly make women swoon - really? You want to know our real secret list? Well, here it is: use your brains, grow up, stop being selfish, and learn some really decent manners - swoon guaranteed. 
Coffee this morning in my Harry Potter mug.

MORNING UPDATE, November 27, 2012

Good Morning, peeps! Happy Tuesday! The weather is again yucky-y and blah-y - oh, well, it's November.

Justin Bieber is in the news again - this time because he went to meet his own Prime Minister in overalls; hell, my eyes! Jeb Bush is trending at #1 because he attacked teacher's union - way to go, Jeb! Just went through the most popular names for cats - George and Curry are not on the list; but the name Belle is the most popular for the female kittens - thanks to Twilight; why not Bella or Isabella then? And Buffet wants the rich to pay higher taxes once again, but disagrees with Obama on who the rich are - how about both of those assholes voluntarily surrender ALL their assets to IRS and henceforth direct all their income directly to that benevolent entity? Among 8 reasons not to get married: married men live longer because their wives make sure they go to the doctors, but married women DO NOT live longer than their single counterparts - hum, something to think about long and hard. And Spielberg claims that he asked to direct a Bond movie, but was denied the pleasure - Steve, how about making a movie about the Gush Katiff expulsion, and the aftereffects it had on the former residents, the soldiers forced to do it, and how it feels in today's Haifa and Ashkelon? 
Coffee this morning in my San Fran latte mug.

MORNING UPDATE, November 28, 2012

Good Morning, peeps! Happy Wednesday! It's cold, but sunny - sunny is good.

Crazy parents gave their daughter a Twitter-themed name - at least they did not name her after parteigenosse Michelle, like one of my former co-workers did. Jessica Simpson did not yet loose all of her baby weight, but she is pregnant again - gee, our lifestyle has far-reaching and positive effects! The new Dancing With The Stars winner was, apparently, announced - unfortunately, I can't fake the interest in that one. Starbucks announced it's new "rare Costa-Rican" coffee blend that would cost 6 greenbacks for a tall cup and 7 for a grande - for reasons unknown the blend is called Geisha. The newest movie rendition of Superman will be missing Superman's red underwear - and, judging from the posters I saw, it would not be such a great idea. Out of top 10 foods to make you beautiful, chocolate is the last - come on, it should be the first! Brad Pitt announced that his wedding to Angelina will happen "soon", and that he has a "good feeling about it" - sheesh, Brad, took you long enough! Just a little suggestion - get a damn haircut and a shave before the big day, because right now you look like a bloody scarecrow! Not that I ever understood how women ever found him attractive in the first place...And Oprah "opened up about why she refused to speak to David Letterman from 1989 to 2005" - not only do I profoundly not give a rat's patootie about that one, but also feel a mild derision towards anyone who does. And, finally, there are "13 Fast Food Menu Items that have fanatical cult followings" - frankly, I prefer the cult of McRib to the cult of Hussein. 
Coffee this morning in my personalized Hershey Park mug that Debbie gave me.

Monday, November 05, 2018

MORNING UPDATE November 29, 2012

Good Morning, peeps! Happy Thursday! The weather is pretty decent for November - sun is always good. 

Did not see any mention of Bieber or Gomez in the news for the past 2 days - must have been agonizing for news reporters. But guess who got into the news again? It you said Lindsay Lohan, you get a star - she got arrested again for punching a woman in a bar in our fair city. And another hairdo also makes news - this time it's Duchess Kate; she got bangs, so, to quote one of my fave movies, "her hair is so "now"! Another one from across the pond - last week someone called Lily Allen (looks to be a singer) who is pregnant, fainted at Harrods, but was very happy that she got her nephew Snape's wand - wow, that's what I call devotion to Harry Potter. And yet another hairdo makes waves - Evangeline Lilly got "shaggy" cut; as I have never been as Lost fan, that somehow does not do anything to my blood pressure. And Egypt condemns Terry Jones to death (in absentia) - I think it's time to follow Ann Barnhardt's example; unfortunately, unlike her, we are not "armed better than the French army"; bummer! And a phrase "it is what it is" is on the list of 10 phrases that are never to be used at work again - another bummer! I have a whole list of former bosses to rub their nose in that particular suggestion. And last, but not least - Mariah Carey performed together with Santa - but her dress was definitely not suitable for the North Pole. Ordinarily, such displays make me a little sad - but this time: "First cousins, eat it!" 

Coffee this morning in my huge Winnie and Friends mug - gosh, I miss the original Disney store!

MORNING UPDATE November 30, 2012

Good Morning, peeps! Happy Friday! Happy Erev Shabat! The weather is seasonal, but not so bad. 

Justin Bieber is still suspiciously absent from the news - what gives? Our fair city of New York is the second holiday destination for the country; the first - Orlando; heck, I wouldn't mind going to Orlando for the holidays myself - mainly to escape the crowds in the second holiday destination. And America is only #16 country out of best places to be born - please tell this to all the invading human trash at our Southern border! Let them invade somewhere else - and we could have children in more peace, without being taxed to support anchor babies, gangs, and criminals. And here is from Forbes: "Red states may have lost the elections, but they are gaining residents." Well, color me surprised! Really?!! You don't say! Out of the five metro areas that are steadily gaining residents, 3 are in Texas and 2 in Florida - wow, I am simply stunned! Tempted to go to Houston myself, come to think of it. Then we have chocolate that we can eat "with less guilt" - oh, go to the warm basement! Why do we have to feel guilty for eating, hell and damn?!! Food is a gift from the Almighty - eat and enjoy, bless your innards!! 

Coffee this morning will probably be in disposable cup from the local DD.

MORNING UPDATE December 2, 2012

Good Morning, peeps! Happy Sunday! Shavua Tov! Wishing you all a great week filled with His Blessings! Happy December! The weather is..seasonal. 

Bieber is still suspiciously absent from the news; so is Timberlake with his new wife, and Katie Holmes without her old husband - what gives?!! But, fear not - Kim Kardashian did make the news! She of the big bust and little brain decided to take her sexy derriere to Bahrain, of all places! Hell, why not Saudi Arabia, while she is at it? The genius simply boggles the mind - both hers and her fans'. And there is also a list of the best airlines for extra legroom in coach - people still have money to fly? TSA did not yet put them off flying completely? And there are also Holiday guidelines for the "newly single", and, surprise, surprise, they are all for women - oh, for pete's sake! Forget the effin bastard - he did not deserve you anyway! Just move on with your life and enjoy! And, finally, Kate Gosselin "opened up", claiming that her kids have "unconventional" Holidays - really?! You don't say! 

Coffee this morning in my San Fran latte mug.

MORNING UPDATE December 3, 2012

Good Morning, peeps! Happy Monday! The weather rocks - hurray for solar flares! 

Congrats to Will and Kate - they are expecting! Poor woman - admitted to the hospital with severe morning sickness, and that's how everyone finds out; being royal is not fun - unless, of course, you are Hussein and Michelle Obama. Lohan made the news again for two reasons - her ill-fitting dress and her accounts being seized by IRS; I like the fact that its on the same level. According to Yahoo, the top 1 search for this year was Elections - which is surprise to one and all; at #2 is Iphone 5 and at # 3 Kim Kardashian - now, both of those do not surprise me at all; Olympics were at #7, Lohan was at #9, and J Lo closed the ranks at # 10 - again, no surprises here; circuses rule because for now we still have plenty of bread, thank Gd. Heidi Klum is trending at # 5 right now because she dressed up as Cleopatra in a "belated Halloween bash" - well, at least her and her former husband not bashing each other, which is already good news. There is also a whole bunch of news about football which I do not understand, and, frankly, have no desire to understand. And, drum roll please, - no peep about Bieber! 

Coffee this morning in my Get A Grip mug; another picture on it - Paradise is a State of Mind.

MORNING UPDATE December 4, 2012

Good Morning, peeps! Happy Tuesday! The weather is still warm - yay, solar flares! 

The big news, is, of course, the upcoming royal baby - and now the speculation points out to Kate's recent new hairdo, which supposedly hinted at her pregnancy. Some enterprising souls also run projections at what the kid would look like (both male and female version), and concluded that it would look adorable - yea, hopefully, Charles's ugly mug would not interfere. And there is also a discussion about her upcoming maternity style - sheesh! Eddy Murphy is currently trending at #5 as the most overpaid actor - no disagreement from this side of the aisle. And there is a government blog trying to reassure people re: doomsday at the end of this month - are Democrats voluntarily surrendering their positions and going home? Is Hussein admitting to the election fraud and all his other crimes and surrendering himself to the department of corrections? And Daniel Radcliffe is delighted that people know his real name and don't call him Harry Potter anymore - aw! 

Coffee this morning in my Aruba mug.

MORNING UPDATE December 5, 2012

Good Morning, peeps! Happy Wednesday! The weather is cooler, but still sunny - yay! The crazy upstairs got me worried for about a week, as I did not hear her vacuum - I guess it was broken, as I heard her loud and clear yesterday. Curry decided that it might be fun to come and snuggle with me in the morning, breathe heavily into my ear, and generally make a nuisance of himself. Also, this morning he wanted to get into my coffee - judging by his behavior, he does not really need extra caffeine running through his system. George just comes whenever he feels me turning in bed - the time of night or morning does not matter. 

Newly pregnant Kate Middleton seems to have taken the place of Justin Bieber in the news - the latest now is that she probably won't have a baby shower (why would she need one), but may give birth at the Buckingham Palace - well, considering the appalling state of the English hospitals, that might not be such a bad idea. On the bright site, Duchess Katherine is definitely easier on the eye than Bieber, and, unlike him, she has class. Jennifer Aniston thew in a "star-studded bash" with her fiancee to show off her xmus tree; her old rival Angelina is currently trending at #2, because she is thinking of quitting acting and dedicating herself to her kids and the charity work - please, spare me both her acting and her charity work. Heff's latest engagement is back on - I guess Viagra of Cialis or whatever he is taking is working again. There are also a whole bunch of sports news, which are totally incomprehensible, hence no comment on that. And, finally, Snooki decided to offer some parental advice to Will and Kate - which, as embarrassing as it is, still is far removed from embarrassed and humiliation caused by our dear comrade Hussein and parteigenosse Michelle on the front of American-English diplomatic relations. 

Coffee this morning in my Chanukah mug that Debbie gave me.