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Gd, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannon change
Courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

You woke up this morning - Congratulations! You got another chance!

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Plus, a bit more musing re: Harry Potter

Ladies and Germs:

Thank you again for all your comments regarding my reaction to the results of the last elections. As always, I was not disappointed (by and large). So, here is my response (again, not humble):

One: again, this is just my blog; not an official publication, or editorial, or a textbook, or even Internet news venue. Just my little ole blog. So, with all due respect and admiration, I reserve the full right to express my opinions, as unpalatable as they may be. Ditto for my language. Thank The Good Lord, this is still a free country; I have a full freedom of speech under the much abused and misinterpreted First Amendment. BO is not in full power yet, so, no official censorship or thought police were instituted yet.

Two: I would love to posses the eternal wisdom, all the secrets of the Universe, the ability to always be right, and to always know the correct answers. Common sense dictates that I am just a human being, ergo flawed and prone to errors. Having said that, I firmly confirm already expressed opinion: anyone who voted for Barak Hussein Obama was, at best, a well-meaning useful idiot. Next on the list are plain idiots, misinformed idiots, uneducated idiots, ungrateful swine, racists, morons of all stripes, America-hates, and, lastly, people who plainly committed treason. With all the facts glaring into everyone's faces, the decision to vote for that pathetic excuse for a politician was, at best, misinformed.

Three: he is NOT my President. Since he officially gave up his Senate seat, and till the official confirmation by the Electors he is just a figure head, albeit in this case an extremely loud one and full of chutzpah. Only after the official Electoral confirmation does he become a President-Elect, and only after official swearing in next January does he become a President. And, here is a final little snag: I refuse to acknowledge him as my President-Elect or my President, till he produces his original, official, and confirmed by an unbiased specialists as real, birth certificate. Until this worthless windmill confirms that he satisfies ALL Constitutional requirements for the office of the President, considering him as such is a violation of the letter of our Constitution; never mind the spirit, since I am sure that the writers and ratifiers of the Constitution did not even dream of such America-hater as a citizen, never mind the Presidential candidate, never mind the actual President. On the practical side, here is the petition that demands the birth certificate:

Four: I am unwilling to give him a chance because he does not deserve one.

Five: till January 20 (or 21; sorry, dyslexia strikes again), George W. Bush is our President. By the way, apparently, I have been spelling his name in a Jewish way; sorry, Mr. President! The only thing it means, aside, again, from my dyslexia, is that I still got respect for you.

Six: the main quality of a good leader is not "confidence of the citizens"; it is his or her ability to lead, not to collect overexcited crowds of fainting fans; and, most importantly, to do the right thing for the country despite the opinion of the majority, or the opinion of the educated morons, or the opinion of the uneducated idiots, or, for that matter, despite the opinions of the prostituted media or treasonous Hollywood.

Seven: again, despite my wishes, I can not see into the future, clearly or otherwise. Hopefully, Merciful Father will spear us, but I can not help but feel deep glum at the prospect of this unillustrious Presidency.

Finally, this brings me to another matter. As you are aware, there are many newsworthy, or, in my opinion, spittoon-worthy tidbits floating all other the TV, newspapers, and the Internet. One of such brilliant observations was a little article to the tune that our dear Barak is, apparently, a geek, since he read Harry Potter and has some kind of wacky screen saver on his computer (the other details I do not recall). Being a pretty hard-core Potter fan, this particular article made me wonder a bit. Which character from the series best characterizes Obama? I did not have to think long or hard to come to the following conclusion: he is definitely a cross between Peter Pettigrew and Gilderoy Lockhart.

After that, I tried to imagine our dear BO under the sorting hat. Again, I think The Hat would have ratted out the answer immediately upon hitting that ugly head. Obama does not posses the chivalry and bravery of Gryffindors, nor the loyalty and humility of Hufflepuffs, nor the true wisdom and studiousness of Ravenclaws. He does, however, posses plenty of guile and the willingness to achieve his goal by any means that characterised Slytherins. And speaking of Slytherin: Obama is a half-blood that takes any advantage he can from belonging to one side while always denying the other. Remind you of anyone else from the Slytherin House?


You can count me fanciful, or obsessed, or blind, or just plain stupid; but to me, the meaning of the last week's terrorist attacks in Mumbai was, unfortunately, crystal clear: members of the religion of peace were rattling their sabers and basically testing the waters, and in the process also flipping the bird; all in response to the recent demonstration of the collective stupidity of American electorate re Barak Hussein Obama. Allow me to elaborate (and please forgive the usual accumulation of cliches; after all, they are pretty expressive).

Indian government, media, and all the sundry involved parties can harp from today till the aria of the Rubenesque lady that "the unfortunate incident" happened as a result of the unending tensions over the Kashmir region, and were specifically perpetrated by some kind of free-lancing wings of Pakistani militants. That would have made sense till you filter through your brain two chilling components: attackers specifically separated American and British citizens, and, the most horrible, they targeted the Chabad House, probably the only Jewish dwelling in Mumbai.

Great Britain is the only European country who still protests, albeit pretty feebly (but despite the idiotic ramblings of the Archbishop of Canterbury), the advancement of the global Caliphate and the tender mercies of the loyal followers of the prophet that are being perpetrated on the infidels in the course of that advancement. Of course, the fighting spirit that defeated Napoleon and Hitler is in pretty short supply on the shores of Albion now a days; never the less, the still fighting infidels deserved a clear message.

Our own much, much maligned and denigrated US of A, remains, again forgive the cliche, the last standing and still fighting pretty strongly bastion of freedom in the world. Needless to say, we needed a little remainder as well.

Israeli government, with all due respect, is, as I mentioned before, impersonating a cowardly lion for the past few years, and is ready to surrender not only territory, but their dignity as a sovereign and independent country able to defend themselves against all enemies. Nevertheless, any Jew alive is an insult to the peaceful followers of the one true prophet, so, Jews had to be attacked too. Moreover, that attack was very specific: according to Ellis Washington, whose weekly column I always enjoy reading: "The chances of indiscriminately killing perhaps Mumbai's only Jewish family? One in 18 million. "

So, Americans, Brits, and those pernicious scape goats who refuse to disappear off the face of the Earth no matter the effort, were sent another clear message. And the timing of the message contained another, even clearer meaning: the "active" members of the religion of peace that are currently "engaged in warfare" against innocent civilians are not afraid anymore. And why should they? Brits are almost ready to surrender. The current situation in Israel makes only Jews weep; the rest are very happy. And, most importantly, they are not afraid of the American retaliation: whatever efforts poor, much maligned President Bush extended in order to defend our country against Islamists earned him the moniker of the worst President in history. Three weeks before the attack we, Americans, had a chance to elect a person who, despite his many flaws, was an honorable Veteran with a very clear position in regards to the defense of our country. Instead, we elected a proven demagogue, whose friends represent different strata of America-hating, and who is willing to have diplomatic meetings with the worst terrorists on the international scene. So, I am horrified, sad, and heartbroken; but not surprised.

My heart goes out to the families of Rabbi Gavriel and Rebetzen Rivka Holtzberg; especially to their poor parents. May The Heavenly Father protect all Jewish parents from such horror! And in all the usual media hoopla and the political grandstanding, I am waiting for all the famous possessors of the bleeding hearts, who are always the first ones to cry and moan the supposed horrible fates of the poor Palestinian children, to cry and moan about the poor Moshe Tzvi Holtzberg! I would dearly love to see Brangelina or Michelle Obama sending him toys or paying him a personal visit. I would also love to see Barak Hussein picking up the phone, dialing his grandparents, and repeating that perfect line from the overwise idiotic "West Wing" "I am a parent too; I don't know what to say".

I know I will be waiting in wain, but still... Poor child, whose brutally slain parents were American citizens, by the way, just turned two years old the day after that horrific murder! And, due to the idiotic bureaucratic red tape, he can't even be with his nanny, the only other constant in his life. He is forever denied parental love and the possibility of having normal family and siblings. Hanuka is just few weeks away, and he will not be able to light the Menorah with his Mother and Father, this or any other coming Hanukah. His mother won't sing him to sleep anymore. His parents won't be able to teach him Sh'ma, or his first letters; they will not swell with pride at his Bar Mitzvah, or dance at his wedding. Little Moshe Tzvi's parents were brutally torn away from him for committing the most horrible crime in the eyes of Muslim murderers: they were Jews.

Dear Heavenly Father, on this day, just like any other day, I offer you my humble prayer and request: please watch over Your Children! Please do not remove from us Your Protection and Your Blessings! May You, in Your Infinite Mercy, grant peace to little Moshe Tzvi, and some semblance of closure to his poor grandparents; may You comfort everyone affected by this horrible tragedy!

Another Blow To The Heart

Members of the religion of peace dealt another blow to the collective heart of my people, amongst many direct hits they already scored and are planning to score in the near future, G-d forbid.

Last week they brutally murdered young Chabad Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg, his wife Rivka, and six more Jews at the Chabad House in Mumbai. May G-d avenge their blood and bring a measure of peace to all the ones left behind.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day

A fellow blogger (sorry, do not remember which one) told this amusingly sad story. He was entertaining a visitor from England who was duly impressed with the fact that we honour all the veterans, not just the fallen ones; to which my "colleague" was embarrassed to add that for most of the people it's basically just a day off (that, at least, is the gist of the story). Oh, how sad and true that is.

Of course, the original intent for the Veteran's Day was quite noble and really intended to honour all of them, dead and alive, and to give our thanks for their noble sacrifice. Because no matter how you look at it, once a person joined the Army (for whatever reasons), and then he or she is send to an active battlefield, it irrevocably changes their lives, and their actions become a sacrifice for our freedom; as simple as that. And, somehow, it was pretty clear to most Americans, before or after the official institution of the Veteran's Day. Clear, that is, till that wonderful generation of spoiled brats and ungrateful swine, otherwise known as the hippies, came on the scene in all their unwashed and unshaven glory.

All of the sudden we are not just a sovereign country protecting ourselves (and in the process the freedom of the few more ungrateful swine beyond our borders), never mind the lofty title of the beacon of freedom for the world, but an imperialistic/fascist dictatorship, bent on world domination, and our soldiers are killers and rapists, heartlessly wiping out poor civilian population everywhere. So, it logically follows that we may protest to our hearts' content the wars that are basically fought in defence of our country, and the reasons for which we usually do not comprehend, but can offer wonderfully catchy slogans in return along the lines of "make love, not war". In the process of protesting and making love, we may also denigrate our soldiers to our hearts' content, spit at them (literally and figuratively), and call them murderers and rapists (among other colourful epithets). And the worst horror in this situation is that all those protesters, far from being punished, are accepted by society as youthful idealists and truth seekers, and all the garbage they were spouting somehow became acceptable as well. The hated, disgusting peace symbol became a fashion accessory, while Vietnam vets are swelling the population of homeless and mentally ill.

So, is it any wonder that in such a healthy climate we totally forgot about the meaning of Veteran's Day; that it is just an extra day off for some, and an extra excuse to have sales? But the Veterans are still among us, and more and more are swelling their ranks, because, as tried and cliched as it sounds, freedom is not free, and now we need to protect it more than ever. Fortunately, the usual silent majority of Americans does not share the views of the hippies; even more fortunately, they are beginning to break their silence. This time around, anti-war crowd was met with a pretty decent resistance from the "uneducated and warmongering" populace. So, G-d willing, when our guys and girls win this current war and come home, it will be to well deserved admiration and respect. Meanwhile, I personally recommend this website:; among other things, they constantly organize care packages to our troops.

Most of you, I am sure, did not watch Leno's on Veteran's Day, so did not get the chance to hear a heart-wrenching story told over by Senator McCain. He was telling about a fellow POW who contrived to have a makeshift American flag on the inside of his blue prison uniform, to which they all pledged allegiance every evening. At a certain point, Vietnamese found out about it, took the guy out of the cell, and beat him up for a couple of hours. That very same evening, beaten up and badly hurt, he proceeded to make another flag.

So, here is to you, whenever you are with us or not, all the Veterans who fought and continue to fight for our freedom! Here is to your allegiance to the flag, bravery, patriotism, and tremendous self-sacrifice! I, amongst many other grateful Americans, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Yesterday, November 9th, marked the 70th Anniversary of Kristallnacht. The 70th Anniversary of the beginning of Holocaust, the most horrible tragedy in our history that cost us 6 million lives of our brothers and sisters, including 1 million precious lives of our children. May Heavenly Father always protect us and always judge us with Mercy.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


These elections were definitely historic; not in the sense the prostitutes from the media would like us to see, but historic none the less.

Some time ago my sis, in the best traditions of sisters and best friends, chided me for my excessive use of the word "stupid". In her opinion, considering my vocabulary, I should spice up my speech a bit. Agreed; but sometimes, especially when you are in a grip of a strong emotion, simple words are the best, so, dear readers, gird yourselves: you will see a lot of "stupids" in this composition. Another memory, also involving my sister, has something to do with our trip to London. Like any decent tourists, we went on the double-decker tour on our first day. Our over hyper guide kept repeating the same phrase over and other again "Princess Diana: gone, but not forgotten"; at the certain point of the tour, everyone starter finishing the darn phrase for him. After all, it was 1999, and her death was still fresh in everyone's memory; although, come to think of it, they still can't let the poor disturbed woman rest in peace. Anyway, I will impersonate this guide here by repeating, over and over again, "thanks, media". OK, introductions are over; let's begin.

First of all, we have seen the historic display of stupidity that was displayed by the American electorate. Nothing else would explain why we are now saddled with a President-elect whom Eric Rush very eloquently called "one of the greatest purveyors of male bovine fecal matter in human history". It is just very sad to realize that in our age of computers, Internet, cell phones, satellites, billions of bits of information and their lightning quick dissemination, the majority of the people who showed up by the polls have voted for a pathological liar. Oh, yea, and thank you, media!

I mean, it really boggles the mind: a lawyer who went to school solely due to affirmative actions and support from America-haters, a guy who had spend 143 days in the Senate, has no real life or political experience to recommend him, refused to produce his birth certificate to prove his citizenship, has consistent and uninterrupted history of associating with racists, anti-Semites, black supremacists, socialists, Marxists, domestic and international terrorists and their sympathizers, consistently voted along the liberal left lines, expressed the desire for diplomacy with the world's most vicious dictators, and, along with his beautiful wife, expressed open contempt for this country! And this monstrosity is presented to us as a half-deity, a new messiah, a unifier of the nation, an end to all of America's woes, a lover of the "little guy", and a new dawn for the country! Thank you, media, for creating this bizarrely surreal image! And my deep, everlasting gratitude to every single stupid moron of a registered voter who cast a ballot for this nightmarish chimera!

Let's see: 96% of black votes went to him, but that is not racist at all, no siree bob. More than 70% of single women without children voted for this sex symbol as well; girls, with all due respect, and even though I belong to this particular electoral group, this is going to be a first time in my life when I will side with the opposition (judgmental harpies) and tell you these two things: no wonder you are single, and there is no need to perpetuate your genetic pool. Majority of Hispanic votes went to this dude as well: no comment (or rather, a separate entry). All together, majority of women voted for this one, as long as some white men. In my not humble opinion, anyone who is "white" or makes anything slightly above the minimum wage, and who had voted for this demigod, was simply performing an exercise in masochism. Ladies and gents, why did you not just come out and said so? I am sure you would have been provided with leather, restrains, whips, chains, and whatever else you require by the other part of the electorate (I personally would have volunteered my last dollars towards this worthy endeavor); I mean, we are all adults here, so why so sheepish all of the sudden? Believe me, we would rather you perform your rituals on yourselves, and not confide us to what looks like four years of hell in the bargain.

Looking at the myriad of absolutely delirious with happiness faces that were celebrating Obama's victory, I could not help but wonder: OK, the case with white morons I just explained; but what about the black morons? If America is such horrible country, which began with slavery and continuously exercised the politics of racial inequality, than what force on earth prevented the blacks, beginning with approximately 1865, from following the path of the young couple from the infamous novel by Harriet Beecher Stowe? In case you are unfamiliar with this literary masterpiece, I will explain: what exactly holds the blacks here, in the US, and prevents them from expatriating to their beloved Africa, the cradle of life? The answer is very simple, and if it does not stare you straight in the face, again, very not humbly, I cannot help you.

The dust is beginning to settle, so to speak, but the carnival of idiocy is hardly over; in depth commentary, from both sides, of what went wrong for the Republicans. Here is my uneducated and not humble opinion. One: you cannot fight a pool of crocodiles, jackals, and sharks using Queensbury rules of engagement; period. That was the main mistake of the Busch presidency and the McCain's campaign. Two: thank you, media! It is pretty hard to fight a constant campaign of deliberate misinformation waged by every single major network, newspaper, and Internet venue, while armed with only Fox News, independent Internet news venues, and a bunch of dedicated bloggers. Three: our rotten education system, long ago taken over by aging and young hippies, including former "weathermen", which, of course, explains the overwhelming support of under thirty voters for the new messiah. Four: the stock market crash, which was, of course, Clinton's mess, but, thanks to number two and three, ended up being, of course, Busch's, and, by default, all Republicans' fault (I am sure Clintons and their cronies are laughing themselves silly right now). Five: two unpopular wars, in case of which I would like to ask: should the members of the religion of peace hijack another few plains and fly them into the Sears Tower, John Hancock Building, The Empire State Building, and the Space Needle, for a good measure, for these wars to become popular again?

This, by the way, brings to my mind a little scene from a book I read in my lonely childhood about the Spartacus rebellion. The scene goes like this: a bunch of drunken patricians, quickly becoming more and more intoxicated, were raining different curses on the government. They were getting more and more inventive, and finally, one of them yelled "Let the Jupiter incinerate our Senate!", to which another drunken young man quietly added: "just let him warn me in advance, so I should not come in that day". So, in case Osama (who, by the way, is probably getting drunk from joy right now in whatever cave he is hiding) is planning another terrorist action against us, I do not mind another plane (providing it will only contain Mohamed and Abdulla) flying into our Senate, as long as at that particular moment it will only house Pelosi, Reid, Boxer, Kucinich, Kennedy, Obama, and, most importantly, Murtha.

Speaking of Murtha, what in blazes happened to the population of the good state of Pennsylvania? One guy threatens to bankrupt their main source of revenue, and they elect him a President; another one insults them from here to eternity, and they re-elect him to Congress. Another exercise in masochism and stupidity.

And speaking of paradise on earth in general, and economy in particular; since when is it a goverment's job to provide us with jobs, free medical and dental care, education, houses, and chickens in every pot? Here is the definition of capitalist economy given by Walter Williams, who has a Ph.D. in the subject and teaches it in college: "economic system based on private ownership and control over of the means of production. Under laissez-faire capitalism, government activity is restricted to the protection of the individual's rights against fraud, theft and the initiation of physical force." Expanding on that, government’s role all together should be in protecting us from criminals inside, enemies from outside, and in protection of our individual rights and freedoms as guaranteed by the Constitution. Ha, ha, hearty har har with a cherry on top! According to the new crown prince of Kenya, who is now our President-elect, government is our new and better mommy, who is going to kiss our every bubu and take away all our worries.

So, now (at least, according to Yahoo and MSN), everyone is concerned with the new "first puppy", its potential breed, and the best names for it. Second on the least is Michelle Obama, with her elegant style and her plans for moving the family to the White House. Where is the spittoon when one needs it? Meanwhile, the one and only kisser of our bubus is creating a new cabinet full of former Clintonistas, promising the civilian trials for the suspected terrorists at Guantanamo, and, all of the sudden, reminding us that we should not expect immediate fixes and prepare ourselves for a long wait. All of this, while leaders of HAMAS were rushing in their official congratulations; they really wanted to be the first ones to congratulate him!

As to my people... Deep sigh. Can I just remind you, guys and gals, that turning the other cheek is not in our religious cannons? How blind, deaf, dumb, and stupid did we have to be to vote in such overwhelming majority for a guy whose friends are a bunch of anti-Semites and terrorist hacks? Moreover, a black liberal, supported by blacks and Hispanics, who both are biggest anti-Semitic groups in America today (right after Muslims, that is). The day before the elections some Jewish sounding dude posted an article on JWR, which started by posting a question: how come both Muslims and Jews support Obama in such overwhelming numbers? Well, one of them must be stupid, and his money was on the Jews. What a brilliant observation! For my part, allow me to add this: forget about the "mystical" connection we all have, or the fact that both our good and bad deeds have profound effect on the rest of us. Let us just look at the issue from "mundane" point of view. All of you are free, thinking (hopefully) human beings, endowed by our Creator with the freedom of choice, and the full right to stand by those choices. So, when you attend a congregation that is run by a spiritually corrupt leader, that is your choice and your problem. When you send your children (and subsequently pay the tuition) to the school that I would love to destroy, because I know for a fact that it destroys faith instead of instilling it, that is your choice and both your and my problem. But when you willingly and proudly voted for that bastard son of a whoremonger, in the process betraying this country, the Holy Land, and the best interests of our people, and then arrogantly declared your happiness with your choice, please do not expect me to either respect you or your choice, or to be quiet, for that matter.

For me, the outcome of these elections is a test of faith. I know that He heard our prayers and said "no"; I firmly believe that He will never forsake us or this country; but I am human and I can't help my overwhelming sadness and the feeling of defeat. Since the official announcement, I have run though a whole score of emotions. A former psych major in me recognized a certain pattern; finally I realized that the succession of emotions was that of grief. Not for President Busch, Senator McCain, or Governor Palin, even though I really feel for them on different levels, and wish them all the best. My feelings are for my country. My beautiful country, which gave me shelter, freedom, and a sense of my true purpose. My country was voluntary surrendered to the people who hate it! I can't sleep, or stop crying, and my blood pressure is up 14 points since last August. OK, deep breaths, Barbie, deep breaths.

One of the many things that I learned in my twenty years of living here is undying hope and unbeatable optimism. So, I will dry my tears and remind myself that surrender and defeat are never viable options. Yes, we suffered a tremendous blow. But we can always fight, even in small ways; always remember that He Alone ultimately knows the past, the present, and the future; and always hope for His Mercy and His Blessings.