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Courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

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Sunday, March 06, 2022


Here are my bullet points and subpoints (in no particular order) regarding Whoopi Goldberg’s latest verbal diarrhea, and the subsequent mini fallout:

  1. As usual, The Left got grade A chutzpah:

a) they are the ones who not only ban books on the regular, but routinely attack people for any speech not in total agreement with their mantra, perform constant virtual hangings and auto da fe on the various social media platforms, advocate for the “amending” of the First Amendment, and basically clamor for any and all available thought police.

b) the only reason they paid attention to Maus was because some little school district in the boondocks of Tennessee (read “probably right wing”) took it out of their curriculum.

c) they are the ones who continually and shamelessly spit on the ashes and mass graves of our murdered brothers and sisters by constantly comparing any and all of their pet projects and victims du jeur to Holocaust and its victims. 

d) they never consider Jews a persecuted minority unless doing so serves their political agenda and/or general propaganda.

e) they have among them the biggest collection of anti-Semites and anti-Semitic groups in the entirety of American history.

  1. Any person with a brain, logic, and a modicum of knowledge in the area of child development knows that you simply can’t allow children to read everything available to the general public:

  1. It’s one thing for them to encounter violence in fairy tales (monsters, dragons, scary old witches and warlocks, ets.) - they actually need it for their emotional development.  It’s an entirely different kettle of fish to let them read about the real violence that human beings could be capable of - they need to be introduced to it very gradually, and, obviously, at the appropriate age (which, by the way, also varies from child to child), so, logic and caution are highly recommended!  One of the hypocritical utterances I saw online was to the tune of “it’s age-appropriate to make the twelve year olds read Eli Wiesel’s The Night because he was twelve at the time” - wrong!  No amount of Marvel and DC comics can prepare a normal twelve-year-old kid to read about the horrors that the subhuman monsters subjected young Eli to!  Seventeen/eighteen - yes, but not before!  It’s simply cruel and completely counterproductive to do so otherwise!

  1. The other subject that children have to be introduced to very cautiously, and at the appropriate age, is human sexuality, and everything connected to it.  This is where the Left once again shows their cruelty and tendency towards child abuse by trying to force this knowledge on children beginning with the toddler years!  As the former B & N children’s bookseller, I can personally testify to the staggering amount of board- and picture books (which are usually aimed at children 0 - 6) which are specifically dealing with the issues of sex, gender, homosexuality, so-called transgenderism, etc. - and the horrifying number of times these books were sought out because they were an assigned reading in school!

3) The Left sees everything - and I mean everything - through the prism of their bigoted concept of intersectionality, and their absolutely unscientific concept of race and ethnicity.  It’s actually amusing to watch and see them trying to stick the Jews into these groups and ladders - because they actually can’t figure out if we are just a religious group, or an ethnic minority, or a race; of course, the prolonged brain activity is not their forte - so, they just decided to stick us with whities and be done with it.  The part that really infuriated me personally was the one that most people ignored - it was when the honorable Whoopi mumbled that the Holocaust was “you white people doing it to yourselves”!  How convenient - not only are the whities the subhumans, the source of all evil throughout history, and the “black and brown” people perpetual victims, ergo, morally superior, but we can simply write off the entire history of European anti-Semitism as internal problems between “you white people” - brilliant historical analysis, what can I say!

4) The staggering amount of various right-wingers and libertarians, bless their hearts, saw it as a matter of honor to immediately jump on the various soap boxes and bloviate ad nauseum that Brilliant Historical Scholar Whoopi has her First Amendment protection just like everyone else, and, is, therefore, entitled to run off her piehole any which way she desires.  Under normal logic and circumstances, yes, she is not a politician, or any kind of official spokesman for anyone, so, yes, she should be able to say whatever she damn well pleases.  After all, there are politicians and former politicians - notably, our illustrious former Governor and even more illustrious former Mayor, who basically kept accusing Jews of spreading Covid, then offered some lame apologies, then continued with their accusations - and nobody ever brought any kind of criminal charges, or even civil proceedings, against them.  However, the level of black anti-Semitism, especially in the recent years, got to the levels beyond alarming.  Started, among many other contributions, by the tireless efforts of the late unlamented Desmond Tutu and still residing on this plane Louis Farrakhan, it is growing by leaps and bounds.  Not only are these people showing black ingratitude (pun not intended) for the part our naive brethren played in the civil rights movement, but it seems that they accumulated all the ancient anti-Jewish blood libels under their umbrella - and added some of their own invention.   So, when a “wise black woman” on the national TV show starts yammering garbage about Holocaust, yes, it has a very negative effect in general, and adds to already very murky waters of the black racism and anti-Semitism in particular.  

5) Likewise, from the righteous right and libertarians came the repeated analysis and assertions of Ms. Goldberg not being an anti-Semite - wrong!  She is a racist and an anti-Semite par excellence - just check her extra wise utterances regarding the so-called Israeli-Arab conflict.

6) As mentioned above, the Left are the ones who impose rules on speech; they are the ones who cancel people - making sure that anyone who disagrees with their dogma not only loses their employment, but is made a complete pariah, and Whoopi Goldberg is one of the most ardent supporters and promoters of the cancel culture.  As such, her two-week suspension was just a very weak taste of her own medicine - in the best traditions of the cancellers, she really should have been fired. 

7) The saddest in all this - and, unfortunately, by no means news - is the glaring fact of the ADL, which long ago ceased to be any kind of defender of Jewish rights, and instead became another arm of the politically correct army of the Left.