The Best Motto

Gd, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannon change
Courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

You woke up this morning - Congratulations! You got another chance!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

MORNING UPDATE - April 28, 2014

Good Morning, peeps! Happy Monday! The weather is nice for now - though still got heat at night, and am not putting away the warm blanket.
Sniff looked extra surly this morning - just like OWSs, just with better hygiene. George is desperately trying to catch the sparrows outside my window.
Yesterday had to assists a drunk customer who desperately needed a book on the Intermediate English Grammar.
Currently trending at #7 is Penelope Cruz - because she turned 40! For reasons unknown, a naked picture of her with a huge snake popped up right after the birthday announcement.
Trending at #8 are Mile-high selfies - to the disappointment of men everywhere, everyone on those selfies is dressed.
Hairdo news of the day - Emma Stone. I honestly don't know what she did now, but it looks like she got bangs and streaked her hair. In my opinion, she should have just stayed a redhead.
"It's official: Beyonce and Jay Z to tour together!" - awww, how sweet!
Bieber landed in our fair city yesterday - rats! As if we don't have enough nutjobs running around loose.
And, finally, Will and Kate's third anniversary is tomorrow - man, how time flies! So, he presented her with a Cartier watch before their Australian tour; the special feature of the watch - sapphire to match her engagement ring.
Coffee this morning in my funky clear glass from Target.

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