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Gd, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannon change
Courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

You woke up this morning - Congratulations! You got another chance!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


All of you are by now aware that sincerely yours is very much anti green. Most of you are aware that the company I work for is very much pro green (although I personally did not know it at the time I took the job). Fortunately, most of my co-workers do not usually raise my blood pressure, with few exceptions.

The one who probably annoys me the most got nicknamed Komsomolka; fortunately, only people who survived communist Russia can get the full appreciation of my private joke. Of course, that worthy individual is very Komsomol like when it comes to all matters green and pro-environment, in light of which the following vignette is even more ironic.

A couple of weeks ago she was put in charge of organizing the party celebrating our new identity (do not ask) for our division. That alone was a huge mistake and oversite, but that is not the point. To make the long story short, I was asked by her to order the cake for this shindig; and, since she can not work or let anyone else work in peace, that process took more time and effort than such undertaking usually warrants. At one point, she asked me how much the final product is going to cost. I replied that I did not find out yet, but it would probably cost a bundle, since the prices on flour have skyrocketed. "Yes, I know", was her reply, "it's because of oil, isn't it?"

Oy, gevalt! "No, it's the ethanol!" I just couldn't contain myself totally; fortunately, I had enough fortitude not to get into lengthy discussion, because with her it would have been not just a moot point, but a major annoyance for me. The most active green in our office has no idea about what causes high food (and for that matter, oil) prices! But she continues to enforce her miasma! What a wonderful illustration on this whole green, which is really red and brown, business!


Moish said...

I gave a big presentation yesterday and in the early morning got a call from the organizers, asking if I would like them to print out my Power Point to distribute to the participants.
Without missing a beat I said, you know quite frankly I don't think my PP is work destroying a forest for, so if anyone wants it really bad I will be happy to email them a copy.
The person on the other line (a very proper, green individual who knows me as a shameless punk) was floored.
The punk smiled and hung up the phone :)

Sofia R said...

I have to object here. As clever as all you anti-green people think you are, there's something to be said for sustainability.
I mean I'm not tree-hugging hyppie, but at least I recycle. I also don't think global warming is a myth and let's not even get started on the subject of pollution. Just because we don't do our bit, doesn't mean we have to put down the people that do (Some of them being stupid has nothing to do with being green. Knock stupidity, not the concept of "green")

Moish said...

C'mon, Sofia - you gotta give us some credit! I do believe that we should do all we can to preserve the environment (one of the reasons why I can't wait to get the Bushy One out of the White House). Barb was just frustrated with morons who do it for the fad, thats all.

Barb Chansky said...

Bushy One, as you call him, has bend over backwards for the bloody green lobby, lots of good it did him. I am very angry at the fact that politically expedient theories without any scientific truth to them are accepted as the holy writ, and if the choice is between environment and drowing OPEC in their oil, I choose the second without any regrets.

Moish said...

yeah, lets drown the fuckers!!!! yeah!!!! can we throw the PETA dykes in there as well (Pam not included, she will remain as a pop-icon monument to the 90s)?

Sally Hazel said...

Sof, Where does 'we' come from- is the membership voluntary?
Anywho, I recycle because I care and also because I don't want to be fined by the DSNY.
And regardless of how right some, all, or none of the green ideas may be they should not be shoved up people's butts.