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Monday, April 29, 2013


The almost instantaneous reactions to Boston bombings that were full of political correctness, America-hating, and sheer moronism did not, unfortunately, surprise anyone, especially yours truly. But when a couple of days later a former co-worker re-posted the following gem from one of her FB friends, my jaw almost literally hit my desk and my blood pressure jumped to the after-Obama's-election level.

Here it is in entirety:

Boston Marathon Bombing Aftermath and Thoughts.

Most of us normal people have been shocked by the tragic events that have occurred on American soil proving how vulnerable we are if a lunatic is determined to injure and kill innocent bystanders.

My next comment and question does not intend to trivialise or diminish the bombing. I agree it's just awful and as a parent I could not think of anything worse happening to members of my family. It's heart wrenching.


Why is it that when the USA or any of it's citizens are harmed by terrorists the media coverage is extensive and so thorough yet when over one million Israelis who have lived under the threat of rocket attacks for a considerable time longer and over seventy thousand Syrians have been slaughtered in their cruel civil war or women are gang raped in Egypt that we in the West do not have the same type of coverage or indeed concern for our fellow humans ? It is all ignored. It's not that important to Americans until it hits them.

For over sixty five years Israelis have fought, defended and bled. It was only a couple of days ago we remembered our dead Jews as we do annually. Where is the same concern by the Americans for those NON Americans who have died ?

In two one single day events in the USA, 9/11 and Boston, where terror has struck the hearts of fearful Americans we are brainwashed ad nauseum about their plight compared to those who have been living in fear for years and months.

Remember the Munich Olympics in 1972 where attempts to remember the murdered Israeli sportsman were deliberately thwarted in last year's London Olympics?

The Maalot killings of school children on the bus ?

The numerous homicidal bombers that killed innocent Israelis on their soil too ?

The terrorist attacks in the London underground ?

Spain's train ?

These are just a few incidents that come to mind. I am sure there are more.

So why is the USA so special or should I say so undeserving not to suffer like the rest of the world ?

Are Americans more special than anyone else ?

This same selfish attitude is also reflected through America's foreign policies not just it's news coverages.

It's a subliminal arrogance that needs to be rectified.

Despite what most self centred Americans might feel or believe, they are not the epicentre of attention nor should they be.

The bombing was awful I agree but there seems to be a huge imbalance when news stories are reported worldwide while other peoples' plight is often ignored for much longer periods.

Is it any wonder those who are less fortunate become contemptuous ?”

Now, I was not able to figure out where this wonderful individual resides, but I think he is an American who either still lives here or made an alyah. Either way, there are couple of questions I would like to ask him and also point out couple of salient points.

First of all, it is natural for anyone, including the media, to concentrate on the violence done to their own citizens as opposed to the violence done in another country.

Second, the vast majority of reporters in any free country are, unfortunately, very much left-leaning, with all the ensuing ugliness – and neither US, nor Israel, nor Western Europe are spared this plague.

Third, any country has a right to safeguard its interests in its foreign policy - why is only America selfish in doing so?

Fourth, who are the “less fortunate” - the ones who hate America, but are not averse to our foreign aid and military protection?

And, lastly, America and Americans ARE special – that's one of the many reasons why ungrateful wretches (including the ones from Israel) are breaking our borders and invading us illegally. And USA IS the epicenter of the world – the incontrovertible fact that many would love to deny (despite the enjoyment of the above-mentioned foreign aid and the military protection).

Finally, if this dude still resides in the US – don't let the door hit you on the way out!

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