The Best Motto

Gd, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannon change
Courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

You woke up this morning - Congratulations! You got another chance!

Monday, April 08, 2013


Good Morning, peeps! Happy Monday! The weather is magnificent! George and Sniffles continue their hunt in the kitchen - the hunting zone was expanded to include the shelves and the surrounding area. "British actress Emma Watson gained a new respect for strippers after learning to pole dance for new movie The Bling Ring"; she also took her lessons "while studying literature at Britain's prestigious Oxford University" - good for you, Emma! Nice going...Dennis Rodman is trending at #2 right now because he was fired from the Celebrity Apprentice - oh, come on! The dude just went to North Korea as an ambassador, for effs sake! Give him some respect! Jenna Jameson is trending at #3 due to her being charged with battery - I guess all those pole dancing classes paid off in her case. Beyonce and Jay-Z celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary in Cuba - awww; the only problem is - they eventually came back. Duck Dynasty stars went "glam" for the ACM awards - go, rednecks! Too bad they did not bring their guns with them. Julian Lennon, John's son, just turned 50 - hell, do I feel old! Hollywood Life can show me how to get Kourtney Kardashian's glam braids in 5 minutes - thanks, but no, thanks. Also according to this august publication, Bieber got a new "sexy" haircut as a fresh start after Selena - oh, give me a break! That is how dude deals with a broken heart today?!! And, finally, US weekly, another intellectual publication, run a spread titled "Kate Middleton's Royal Pregnancy Style: How the Duchess Is Dressing Her Baby Bump" - frankly, all I could see was a succession of coats and jackets, plus a whole bunch of boots and gorgeous high heeled shoes. Coffee this morning in my Coffee Bean/Tea Leaf mug.

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