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Gd, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannon change
Courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

You woke up this morning - Congratulations! You got another chance!

Monday, June 01, 2015

MORNING UPDATE - June 23, 2014

Good Morning, peeps! Happy Monday! The weather is nice and hot. Snow managed to get up close and personal with her favorite human.
Going to a library that's located inside a community center is an interesting experience.
Tom Hanks is currently trending at # 1 because he is producing a new film that will be directed by Meg Ryan - I guess they missed each other since the Mail.
Mariah Carey is at # 2 - as she was "accused of tweeting 1997 photo as present-day selfie". Ah, give her a break! So, she wanted to delight her fans, big deal.
Sofia Vergara is at # 5 - because her friendship with Ellen is making Portia jealous. Um, Portia, if your side is to be believed, people are born straight or otherwise, so, no need to be jealous.
Michael Douglas was "spotted" in King David hotel in Jerusalem this weekend, as he and his wife were celebrating their son's Bar Mitzvah - drat, the festivities were only a bus ride away!
"Sizzling Jessica Simpson" - I hope nobody got burned.
"How to keep cool without air conditioning" - by getting rid of all the environmentalists and their idiocy.
"Celebrities and their pregnancy cravings" - most of the listed ones claim to crave fruits, veggies, and fish. Give me a break!
It's been five years since Jon and Kate split up, but they still "hurl insults on each other" - class all the way.
North West had a first birthday "bash" that included Ferris wheel and a concert stage - I wonder what kind of enjoyment a one year old would derive from this nonsense.
And, finally, "The Guy Who Married Kate Middleton Turns 32" and his grandma gave him a helicopter for this occasion - happy birthday, Will!

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